Talbot Interfaith Shelter

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In Easton the Talbot Interfaith Shelter can use an old bed and breakfast on Goldsboro Street in Easton.

A judge says that the property that once housed Easton’s Promise bed and breakfast can be the site for taking care of the homeless.

Neighbors have raised questions about the year round shelter seeking to close it down after it was given permission last July to provide shelter to the homeless.

It now becomes the first full time shelter in Talbot County.

Previously the homeless were given shelter during the cold winter months at the various local churches.

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A homeless shelter has now officially opened in Easton on Goldsborough Street in a former bed and breakfast.

Jack Harrald, president of the Talbot Interfaith Shelter’s board of directors, says that the permanent shelter will help people get through the winter.  

There will be a room, a shower and laundry facilities as well as a person to help those interviewing for a job.

Right now, five people are staying at the shelter including a nine month old infant with room for ten more.

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It was standing room only at the Easton Board of Appeals yesterday as the public weighed in over a proposal to exempt a bed and breakfast on Goldsborough Street for a homeless shelter.

Opponents of the Talbot Interfaith Shelter’s proposed site were worried about the impact on their properties.

But its executive director Julie Lowe told the board that despite opposition from some neighbors and businesses Easton’s Promise is the best location to help people to get back on their feet.

As the temperatures turn cold and snow hits the ground the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church in Easton is providing some overnight shelter for a handful of people.

The Talbot Interfaith Shelter is providing a warm bed, a hot meal, hot shower and even a few puzzles from 5 pm to 7 am.

But Board member Jack Harrald told WBOC there is one problem : Space.

He said that because of the fire code and the fact that they do not have a sprinkler system the shelter can only take five people.

It’s a first-come, first served situation.