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If you’re a smoker South Bethany Beach is considering banning the habit from its beaches and their walkways.

Council member Frank Weisgerber has sponsored a measure and noted that the town is the last coastal resort to still allow smoking on the shore.

He told WBOC that when Ocean City put the ban into effect including their boardwalks it was time to act.

A survey that was sent out to the town’s homeowners came back with a 72 percent approval of the ban.

The first reading for the ordnance is set to take place at Friday’s council meeting.

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The South Bethany Beach town council has approved moving ahead with exploring an appeal of the new flood maps drawn up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The environmental engineering firm Woods Hole Group was authorized to come up with a strategy at a workshop in late October.

During yesterday’s meeting the company said that the best approach would be to emphasize the protection afforded to home by the dunes on the beach.

The firm said that was not factored into the assessment by FEMA.

South Bethany Beach Police Badge

There are some new military style vehicles around South Bethany Beach.

They have been acquired by the local police department and include a military grade boat and a Humvee.

WBOC reports they would be used for emergencies such as evacuations during stormy weather.

During flooding when the National Guard does not step in the vehicles will help police navigate the streets.

Police Chief Troy Crowson told the television station that they will also allow his officers to carry out inspections rather than borrow or rent a boat.

Don Rush

South Bethany Beach is looking at banning smoking on its beaches.

Currently there are restrictions on smoking along the other beaches on Delmarva.

The town has sent out a survey that asks a number of questions ranging from adopting smoking restrictions and banning alcohol on the beach to a tax increase for improvements along the shore.

WBOC reports that South Bethany Beach would be the last to ban smoking on the shore.            

In 2011 Bethany Beach began the ban which was followed by the rest of the state beaches.

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The South Bethany Beach Town Council decided to postpone legislation that is meant to protect homeowners against flooding for more than three hours.

WBOC reports that the council was set to vote on the two ordinances on Wednesday.

A town committee presented their data at the meeting but the legislation was met with opposition who said they believe action was premature.

The ordinance would have required that all new at-risk homes add an additional three feet of elevation to the base of the structure on top of the requirement by the Flood Insurance Rate Map.