Smoking Ban

If you’re a smoker South Bethany Beach is considering banning the habit from its beaches and their walkways.

Council member Frank Weisgerber has sponsored a measure and noted that the town is the last coastal resort to still allow smoking on the shore.

He told WBOC that when Ocean City put the ban into effect including their boardwalks it was time to act.

A survey that was sent out to the town’s homeowners came back with a 72 percent approval of the ban.

The first reading for the ordnance is set to take place at Friday’s council meeting.

The Wilmington City Council has decided not to ban smoking in all parks, playgrounds and covered bus stops in the city.

The vote was 6 nays and 5 yeas.

Several council members argued that the ordinance infringed on a personal freedom.

Other towns – especially along coastal Delaware – have banned smoking in parks and beaches.

Don Rush

Lewes is looking at joining a number of coastal resorts in dramatically expanding its restrictions on smoking.

At a September session Council member Bonnie Osler proposed that a smoking ban should be expanded from the city parks to include restrooms and guard beaches.

She noted that Rehoboth had recently limited smoking to certain designated locations along the beach.

Action on the proposal is not expected until the council’s October 6th meeting.

In August the Ocean City Town Council voted to limit smoking to designated areas.

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) - A wider smoking ban is going into effect in Rehoboth Beach.

Starting Thursday, smoking is now prohibited year round on the boardwalk and beaches. The ban applies to cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco. There are designated smoking areas where smoking will be allowed.

Rehoboth Beach is gearing up to enforce its no smoking ban with 170 signs to be place along the Boardwalk and in city parks.

In addition, there will be certain locations along the beach where smoking will be allowed.

Commissioner Stan Mills told the Wilmington News Journal that he expected the effort will cost $31-thousand with nearly half paid for by the state of Delaware.

There will also be a web page where visitors can find out where the smoking and non-smoking areas are with a brief explanation of the decision to limit smoking in the resort.

There will be no more smoking on the boardwalk or bandstand, or city parks in Rehoboth Beach beginning May 15th.

In addition, smoking with be limited to designated areas on the beach.

The Rehoboth Beach Commissioners and mayor voted for the ban during a special Monday meeting.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that Commissioner Stan Mills said the ban was aimed at reducing litter, pollution and health risks.

The ban will not include e-cigarettes.

There’s a petition drive underway in Rehoboth Beach to ban smoking on the beach.

Currently, the resort allows smoking both on the beach and the boardwalk but not in its parks or playgrounds.

Steven Curson is collecting the signatures and he told the Salisbury Daily Times that 90 percent of what’s found on the beach when it is cleaned up are cigarette butts.

DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Dewey Beach officials are moving toward banning smoking on the town's beaches and in municipal parks.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that the Town Council decided Saturday to draft an amendment to the municipal code that would ban smoking in those locations. The town manager will draft the language, which should be ready for a vote before the May council meeting.

DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Officials in Dewey Beach are considering banning smoking on the beach.

Mayor Diane Hanson tells The News Journal many people have requested a smoking ban. If it passes, Dewey would become Delaware's fifth coastal town to restrict smoking.

Fenwick Island enacted a smoking ban earlier this year. Bethany Beach and the state parks also bar smoking on the beach. In Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, smoking is banned in parks and playgrounds.

FENWICK ISLAND, Del. (AP) - Town officials in Fenwick Island say they are working to let residents and visitors know that smoking is now banned on the beach and in town parks.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that the town has been awarded nearly $10,000 by the American Lung Association for signs, brochures, enforcement and education. Town officials say they are also considering adding a bicycle officer to help residents and visitors become accustomed to the ban.