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This evening the Seaford Town Council is set to vote on whether to put up a monument to former slave and abolitionist Harriet Tubman.

Jim Blackwell, a local historian told WBOC, that on October 22nd, 1856 Tubman passed through Seaford aboard the Steamer Kent a boat that came from Baltimore.

He said that she brought with her a slave named Tilly who was trying to escape from the south.

Blackwell said that Tubman brought Tilly to the only hotel in Seaford.

That plot of land is located at the Gateway Park across from the town hall.

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In Easton, archeologists from the University of Maryland and researchers at Morgan State are carrying out small excavations to uncover evidence of what could be the oldest neighborhood of free African Americans in the country.

The Hill

The neighborhood known as The Hill claims the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church established in 1818 and the home of Grace Brooks, a free black woman, who bought a home there in 1792. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush visited the site and prepared this report: