Shorebilly Brewing Company

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The Ocean City based Shorebilly Brewinig Company will be changing its name to Backshore Brewing Company.

The decision comes after the company’s owner Danny Robinson faced a trademark infringement lawsuit that could have put his out of business.

Before deciding on a new name he solicited more than 1-thousand possible ideas in a contest to rename his brewing company.

But none would overcome the hurdles of trademark infringement.

Robinson said that he came upon Backshore when researching nautical and geographical terms related to the beach.

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If you’re on the Boardwalk in Ocean City you might get a bit confused about the fact that Shorebilly merchandice at the T-Shirt Factory is not connected with the Shorebilly at Shorebilly Brewing Company.

And, that has led the T-Shirt Factory parent company, Teal Bay Alliances LLC to go to court for trademark infringement and unfair competition under federal and state law.

The Salisbury Daily Times report that Teal Bay registered the “Shorebilly” trademark in October of 2011.