Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Department

Security is being beefed up with sheriff’s patrols at Queen Anne’s County High School.

WBOC reports that the school board said it had received a number of phone calls from parents last night about a rumor that a student was going to bring a weapon to school today.          

Despite an investigation by the sheriff’s office authorities could not turn up any evidence for the alleged threat.

Nonetheless the sheriff’s office committed extra officers to the area out of a need for caution.

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ABINGDON, Md. (AP) - A viewing is taking place for one of the two Harford County sheriff's deputies who were killed in a shootout earlier this week in Abingdon.

The Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company says a viewing for Senior Deputy Patrick B. Dailey will take place Monday and Tuesday from 2 to 9 p.m. at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa.

The funeral will be conducted at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the same church.

Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher is almost out of office.

The Department of elections will hold a recount this morning since he lost to Robert Lee by only 21 votes in this week’s election.  

Kenneth McDowell, director of the Sussex county Election Department, told WBOC that results have never been overturned by a recount.

Only absentee ballots will be counted since the regular votes are cast by computer.

There are 479.

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Despite a clash with the state legislature and the governor Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher says he intends to file his re-election papers for a second term.   

The Greenwood Republican tangled with state officials by filing a lawsuit over whether a sheriff in Delaware has the power to arrest people.  

After Christopher took office the General Assembly approved a bill that explicitly denied arrest powers to sheriffs in the state.

Instead, they can only perform such duties as serving subpoenas and other papers for the courts.

In the fight over the powers of the County Sheriff in Delaware, Sussex County has responded to a lawsuit by its Sheriff Jeff Christopher who argues that he has the authority to make arrests and investigate crimes.

But the county countered in a four page filing that the Sheriff has not lined up the necessary parties behind his lawsuit to win noting that Christopher has not gotten the backing of federal state and local governments.

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's state Senate is ready to vote on legislation asserting that county sheriffs and their deputies do not have arrest powers.

The bill, which passed the House overwhelmingly last month and is on the Senate agenda Thursday, is a response to recent actions by the Sussex County sheriff.

Sheriff Jeff Christopher argues that as "conservators of the peace" under Delaware's constitution of 1897, sheriffs are law enforcement officers with the authority to arrest people and make traffic stops.


DOVER, Del. (AP) - The Democratic majority leader in the state House has introduced a bill asserting that county sheriffs and their deputies in Delaware do not have arrest authority.

Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf introduced the bill Thursday after the Republican sponsor of a similar measure tabled his own bill last week and introduced a resolution asking the state Supreme Court for guidance on the issue.

Legislation to clarify the powers of Delaware sheriffs was prompted by recent actions by the Sussex County sheriff.