Salisbury City Council Districts

Don Rush

November's Salisbury City Council elections will, for the first time, feature five individual districts.  We look at the race in District 4 between current Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton and his challenger, Roger Mazzulo.

Guests: Jim Ireton, running for Salisbury City Council in District 4

Roger Mazzulo, running for Salisbury City Council in District 4

Greg Basset, Editor and General Manager of the Salisbury Independent

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Old divisions emerged as the Salisbury City Council took up the Mayor’s proposal to create five council districts replacing the two districts currently in place.

Currently, the city has a plan to expand the minority-majority district from one to two seats while reducing District from four to three.

But the Mayor has never submitted that plan to the judge who would have to approve it under a consent decree hanging over the city.

Opponents say that would still leave a lopsided racial disparity.