Ricky Travers

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The Dorchester County budget has been approved but it failed to provide additional money for the schools.

WBOC reports that Superintendent Diana Mitchell says 62 personnel are now leaving the district and that most of them are teachers.

Katie Holbrook with the Dorchester Educator’s Teachers Union warns the unofficial number could be more than a hundred.

She told the television station that shortage is crippling the system.

Holbrook did praise the $100-thousand allocated for school safety.

The budget was approved unanimously by the county council.

Maryland Delaware Railroad website

Cambridge has lost its link to the nation’s railway system.  

But the tracks that been deteriorating over the years will no longer see the great trains rumbling through the town.

Dorchester County Council President Ricky Travers told WBOC that the tracks were suddenly shutdown in May.

They were part of the 120 miles that the Maryland Delaware Railroad that used for its route.

The television station reports that the inspection this spring found that the wooden ties were not in good shape and that the ballast underneath was not up to snuff.