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The departure of Volunteer Fire Company 1 in Salisbury apparently resulted from a requirement by the department that they be available overnight.

The fire chief Rick Hoopes told the Salisbury Daily Times that it was not mandatory they be at the station but rather could respond from home.

Although, he added, that new recruits would be required to man the stations.

The department said that the changes were made upon the recommendation of a taskforce to improve response time.

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The best way to deal with providing fire and EMS service in Salisbury and the surrounding area is for Wicomico County to agree to some form of tax relief.

That’s was the opinion of the Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes.

Mayor Jim Ireton has laid down a deadline for later this year for the county to come to some agreement with the city or fire and EMS service will be restricted to the city limits of Salisbury.

The comments by the chief came during a roundtable discussion yesterday looking at options to resolve the issue.

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Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes says it’s time to replace the aging Fire Station 2 on the corner of Brown and Naylor streets.

Among other problems the building has to be evacuated during major hurricanes because it is not sound enough to qualify as a public safety complex.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the fire department wants the city to buy property elsewhere and building a new a new station.

Yesterday, the Hoppes made his case before the city council urging that the town consider purchasing land for the project.

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Come July 1st battery-operated smoke detectors must be run by ten-year lithium batteries in Maryland.

And by 2018 all homes in the state will have to have the new smoke detectors.

In Salisbury, fire officials told WBOC that the number of homes that catch fire because a non-working smoke detector is rising.

Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes told the station that the longevity and reliability of the new alarms could save lives.


The Salisbury City Council gave the current acting fire chief an extension through the end of the month during an emergency council session yesterday.

But the Council majority said that Mayor Jim Ireton must show progress toward choosing a permanent replacement.

The council rejected Ireton’s previous nomination of Rick Hoppes to permanently succeed Jeff Simpson.

In January of 2012 Hoppes was appointed to serve as fire chief for six months or until a successor could be found.

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The City of Salisbury has gotten a reprieve on the deadline for a $1.4 million federal grant to hire 12 additional firefighters over a two year period.

Days after a City Council rejection of the grant because of a bureaucratic snafu Mayor Jim Ireton announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has given the town until September 4th.

He said that he sent a request to City Council President Terry Cohen to reconsider the grant.

Rick Hoppes will continue on as acting fire chief while the city of Salisbury continues its search for a permanent replacement.

The decision by the City Council was unanimous at last night’s meeting.

Hoppes has been a member of the fire department for more than 25 years and has been acting fire chief twice in the last three years.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Hoppes has applied for chief both times.

The second time Mayor Jim Ireton nominated him for the permanent position.

But that was rejected by the city council on a 3-to-2 vote.