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Don Rush

Has Wicomico County’s revenue tax cap run its course?

The Greater Salisbury Committee will be conducting a study to take a look at the measure’s impact 17 years after it was approved by voters.

The cap limits property tax revenue to a two percent increase or the Consumer Price Index whichever is less.

The Salisbury Daily Times notes that the CPI has not been above the 2 percent mark over the last half decade.

Mike Dunn, the committee’s CEO, told the paper the organization believed it was time to take a look at the cap.

Don Rush

Director of Administration Wayne Strausburg told the Wicomico County Council last night that a new study recommends changing the revenue cap on property the property tax.

The Sage Group study suggests that it switch from using the consumer price index to an index that measures components of government spending. 

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Strausburg believes the revenue cap as it is currently use is flawed and should be changed through a public vote.

Don Rush


DOVER, Del. (AP) - The Dover council has rejected three proposals to raise property taxes to address projected shortfalls.

The proposals were voted down at a budget hearing Wednesday. Four of the six council members present voted for the tax hike, but the measure requires a five-vote majority of the nine-member council to pass.

Residents of Wicomico County saw their property assessments drop by as much as 20 percent.

That’s compared to a seven percent fall for the statewide average.

Within the one-third of the county properties receiving reassessments 94 percent saw their home values decline. 

The upside is that homeowners should see their property taxes do down at least for the first year.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the county is expected to readjust the property tax rate to get the maximum amount of money under the revenue cap.