Red Light District

Don Rush

The battle over the store “Red Light District" in Salisbury is over.

The store which bills itself as a romantic superstore has cleared the regulatory hurdles which would have forced it to close.

It’s an adult-themed retail chain that came to North Salisbury Boulevard last August and was immediately hit with city code violations incurring $750 in fines.

City officials would not approve the Red Light District sign unless it qualified as an adult store.

Don Rush

The new adult-theme store in  Salisbury is taking its case to the public.

Outside the shop on North Salisbury Boulevard there are two small signs with red letters against a yellow background.

One reads, “Freedom of Speech” and the other “It’s Not Yours to Take.”

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the city will not approve the sign outside reading “Red Light District” unless the store qualifies as an adult retail outlet.

But, if it does, it is within 1-thousand feet of homes and a house of worship…which would keep it from opening.

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There’s a new sign out along Route 13 in Salisbury.

It reads “Red Light District, Romantic Superstore.”

And its display windows feature mannequins dressed in lingerie.

It’s part of the ongoing battle between the owner of the lingerie store and Mayor Jim Ireton just what kind of sign will be allowed – and the nature of the store itself.

Ireton says the store owner did not get the needed permission from the city for the sign.

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There will be no Red Light District sign hanging in Salisbury.

Instead, the store on North Salisbury Boulevard will get be called “Red Light Lingerie.”

The change in name follows the city’s rejection of Red Light District because  Mayor Jim Ireton says, it has too much of a negative connotation.

He says that’s especially the case since the city has tried to clean up the area that was the location for the infamous Thrift Travel Inn that had problems with prostitution.

The store sits across the street.