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A rally held by the United Muslim-Americans of Delaware took place outside Legislative Hall in Dover yesterday.

On hand were Muslim, Jewish and Christian speakers who said they were there to promote peace and unity among all faiths.

WBOC reports that the rally took place just weeks after a state Senator made controversial remarks about Islam on the Senate floor.

But the rally organizers said they were not responding to those comments.

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Despite the cold around 50 supporters of President Donald Trump were out along Route 50 in West Ocean City on Saturday as tourists flooded into the resort to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

They carried Trump campaign signs along with homemade ones reading “Law and Order on the Border” and “America First”.

During an interview with the Salisbury Daily Times rally organizer Steve Lind accused opponents of the President of being “haters”.

The rally was organized by the national group called Main Street Patriots.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to come to Richmond later this week to raise money and meet with supporters.

The Trump campaign announced Thursday that Trump will hold a rally Friday evening at the Richmond Coliseum.

Trump's campaign is also planning a private fundraiser in Richmond before the rally. A copy of the invitation, obtained by The Associated Press, asks for donations up to $25,000 per couple. Donors wishing for a "photo opportunity" with Trump are asked to give $10,000 per person.

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There were around 200 students who rallied this morning in support of Sidney Hankerson who was dismissed as principal of Washington High School & Academy.

They assembled at the school’s stadium with some telling the Salisbury Daily Times that they were puzzled by his dismissal.

The paper reports that the students held handmade signs reading “We want Hank back.”

Car horns were also heard along Route 13 in apparent support of the students.

Somerset County Superintendent John Gaddis placed Hankerson on paid leave.

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A rally in support of Sidney Hankerson who was fired as principal at Washington High School & Academy was planned for this morning.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the students are demanding to know why Hankerson was dismissed.

A Facebook page has been established by supporters of the former principal.

The Daily Times reports that Schools Superintendent John Gaddis who dismissed Hankerson said he favored an hour long student rally during the first period classes.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Behavioral health advocates in Maryland are planning to rally for measures in the state capital to help provide better access to mental health services.
People from about 40 groups are scheduled to rally in Annapolis on Thursday.
One of the measures they are supporting aims to ensure funding for community health providers is stable and reliable. It's known as the "Keep the Door Open Act," and it indexes annual funding in the budget to medical inflation.

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A Virginia student who's leading the fight against his high school's ban on clothes emblazoned with the Confederate flag says he's unsure what the students' next step will be.

Houston Miller was among roughly 20 students suspended from Christiansburg High School on Thursday after holding a rally to protest a new policy banning vehicles with Confederate flag symbols from the school parking lot and refusing to take off clothing displaying the symbol.

Miller said Thursday that he wasn't going to back down and had been organizing another rally for Friday outside the school.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - Some groups opposed to Baltimore police actions in the Freddie Gray case plan to rally in downtown Baltimore Saturday afternoon.

The demonstration is set for 3 p.m. in McKeldin Square near the Inner Harbor. That's about two hours before the scheduled start of the Preakness Stakes horse race at Pimlico Race Course, 5 1/2 miles away.

Sharon Black of the Baltimore People's Power Assembly says marchers from the rally are unlikely to reach Pimlico.

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Hundreds of immigration reform supporters gathered in Georgetown yesterday as part of a nationwide set of rallies to get Congress to move on the issue.

Claudia Pena Porretti, executive director of La Esperanza, a non-profit agency that helps Hispanics in Sussex County, said that she believed the reform effort has stalled.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Relatives of five murder victims are joining a rally in Annapolis to repeal Maryland's death penalty.

Speakers at the Monday afternoon event include Hagerstown resident Marty Price. His father was convicted of second-degree murder for fatally shooting Price's stepmother and stepsister in 1988.

His nephew Christopher Nicholson was murdered in 2007 while serving as a Smithsburg police officer.


      ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Call it a circle of support.

     Backers of developing offshore wind will be holding a rally in Annapolis on Monday night. They say they'll be making a circle around the Maryland State House.

     To brighten they scene, they say they'll be holding glow-in-the-dark miniature wind turbines. They also plan to wear electric blue T-shirts.

     The House of Delegates passed the bill on Friday on an 88-47 vote. The measure is now in the Senate Finance Committee.