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BRIDGEVILLE, Del. (AP) - Organizers are planning to hold a Delaware pumpkin-launching competition this year despite the withdrawal of the Science Channel after a 2016 accident.

Frank Payton is president of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association. Payton said Saturday that the Science Channel has said it won't return this year, leaving the event without a major source of funding. The Science Channel had previously chronicled the three-day Sussex County tradition.

Punkin Chunkin Goes On

Nov 1, 2012
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BRIDGEVILLE, Del. (AP) - Organizers of Delaware's annual Punkin Chunkin contest say the competition will go on to help raise spirits after Superstorm Sandy.

The competition involves inventors and tinkerers gathering to see whose homemade contraption can throw pumpkin the farthest. It will be held for the 27 consecutuive year on Saturday and Sunday in Bridgeville.

Last year's winner launched a pumpkin nearly 3,700 feet.