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A potential class action lawsuit is in the works in the wake of water contamination for the town of Blades.

A law firm says it has been approached by number of residents who have experienced health problems.

WBOC reports these included thyroid issues and pregnancy complications.

The water was found to have contained an elevated level of PFC’s.

The attorneys say they are now trying to determine who was responsible or what caused the contamination.

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Those living in the Delaware town of Blades can now drink the water.

Officials recently installed carbon-filtration system that has nearly cleared up the PFC’s found in the underground water supply.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that authorities say residents should flush out their homes of any lingering contaminated water.

The town water now contains 3.4 parts per trillion of PFC’s which is a far lower concentration than what was found earlier this month.

The Environmental Protection Agency limits PFC’s to 70 parts per trillion.