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The fireworks went off on time at Ocean City as tens of thousands packed the resort this weekend.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that business was booming with some locals saying it was one of the best July 4th they have had in years.

There were a few incidents during the holiday weekend.

A man fell from a third story balcony and was taken to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Meanwhile, there was a reported fire on a public bus on Saturday which had to be evacuated.

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This July 4th tens of thousands of tourists are expected to pack the boardwalk of Ocean City. And, as Delmarva Public Radio's Rachel Taylor reports the resort feels like it is bouncing back from the Great Recession.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Authorities say a West Virginia teen is in stable condition after he fell from a fifth story window while attempting to flee the scene of an assault in downtown Ocean City.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Officials say a hammerhead shark that kept swimmers out of the surf in Ocean City has retreated back into Assateague Bay.

The latest sightings of the animal were confirmed by Maryland Natural Resources Police late Thursday afternoon. Officials say the hammerhead was about 300 pounds and about 8 feet long. The shark kept swimmers out of the water for nearly 24 hours.


The Ocean City landscape could get a new landmark:

A giant blue and green beach ball structure with a splash pattern that will sit atop a tall water tower near the Route 50 bridge.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins told WBOC that the tower will be located on First Street and St. Louis Avenue.

And it is expected to be completed by September of next year.

Currently, there are a total of six elevated towers in the resort two of which are scheduled to be taken down after the new tower is completed.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Street performers on Ocean City's boardwalk will now have to adhere to new rules due approved by the city council.
WMDT-TV reports the council voted unanimously Monday for three new ordinances with hopes they will ease foot traffic along the boardwalk and make the experience more enjoyable.

The new ordinances will forbid street performers from performing past 1 a.m., using props over 5 feet tall and requiring performers to sign up each week and weekend at city hall to reserve their spots.

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Soon it could be easier to get around Ocean City on a bicycle.

Town officials are planning to put additional bike trails so the cyclists do not have to use some of the busy intersections such as Coastal Highway or Baltimore Avenue.

Town Council member Tom DeLuca told the Salisbury Daily Times that there were three different trails in the works.

The first would connect the Boardwalk to 62nd street.

Another would run from the Boardwalk to the downtown area.

A third would run from 62nd Street to the Delaware state line at 146th street.

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There were around a quarter of a million people in Ocean City this past Memorial Day weekend which marks to the first day of the summer season.

And all of the 600 campsites were full.

With the big crowds and good weather many businesses have finally begun to see an end to the impact of the Great Recession.

Jessica Waters with the resort told the Salisbury Daily Times that it was an exciting start to the season.

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There is a report that a 23 year old West Virginia man is in critical condition after falling from a balcony in Ocean City last night.

Police say they were called to the scene in the 25th Street area at around 6:30 p.m. when he was treated by an Ocean City medical emergency team.

WBOC reports that eventually he was sent to Peninsula Regional Medical Center and then onto Shock  Trauma in Baltimore.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Transportation officials in Maryland are warning of higher than normal volume on the Bay Bridge because of Springfest in Ocean City, a celebration that includes food, arts and craft displays and free entertainment.

Officials say motorists should expect higher than normal traffic from Thursday through Sunday. Officials say that they will monitor traffic conditions throughout the weekend and, weather permitting, open an additional lane to eastbound traffic to help ease congestion.

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The great recession may not be completely over but in Ocean City there’s some building going on.

Delmarva Public Radio’s Diamond Holton prepared a report.

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There will be fewer seasonal officers for Ocean City this year.

Normally there are 100.

But this year the number will only be 70.

Ocean City Police Department spokesperson Lindsay O’Neal told WBOC that the agency has implemented polygraph screenings and psychological evaluations similar to those for the resort’s full time officers.

But officials say that there should not be any concern for public safety.     

They say that they will use safety aides for certain jobs that don’t require a sworn officer.

Trimpers Rides website

The famed Trimpers Rides is hitting the airwaves tonight.

The Fox Business Network is featuring the Ocean City amusement park on its “Strange Inheritance” program at 9 p.m. tonight.

The show looks at the people who come into possession of some unusual things as an inheritance.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the program will focus on a significant tax increase it faced ten years ago after being reclassified for condominiums that the park faced around ten years ago.  

The Trimper family has owned the park since the beginning of the 20th century.

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There won’t be another Ocean City Shark Tournament.

2014 was its last after 30 years.

There were three couples who organized the event.

And Mark Sampson told the Salisbury Daily Times that “it just felt that it was time.”

Among the struggles has been bad weather resulting in low attendance.

The paper reports that three couples had thought about making some dramatic changes but in the end decided that 2014 would be the last year.

At its peak there were more than 80 boats and it had become a tradition in Ocean City. 

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Ocean City is has put the final touches on restrictions on smokers who come to the resort.

The measure would keep smokers back along the dunes.

For those on the Boardwalk they cannot light unless they are within 15 feet of an ashtray.

The fine for breaking the law would be $500.

On Monday the town council gave its approval by a 5 to zero vote.

There would also be designated smoking areas which could be changed by the council.

Local resident David Murdock told the Salisbury Daily Times that the issue for him was the danger of second hand smoke.

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You will soon be able to pay for parking with your phone in Ocean City municipal lots.

The resort is taking plans from a number of companies but the biggest firm is the app Parkmobile.

Among the advantages is that the app would alert you to when your time is running out.

WBOC reports that the Ocean City Police Department issued over 58-hundred parking tickets last year.

The town is hoping that the new app will reduce those numbers.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Two men who pleaded guilty to taking part in a street fight in Ocean City that left a Pennsylvania man fatally injured have been sentenced.

Twenty-two-year-old Christopher Kendall was sentenced to a year in jail, and 28-year-old Caleb Ochse was sentenced to 18 months Thursday in Worcester County Circuit Court.

Thirty-seven-year-old Justin Daniel Cancelliere of North Whitehall, Pennsylvania, was found unconscious in a parking lot on Aug. 24. He died later that day at a hospital.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Ocean City officials are preparing for a possible expansion of ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft in the resort town.

The Daily Times reports Uber started advertising last month to recruit drivers in Ocean City. But representatives for Uber and Lyft say neither firm has set plans to launch in Ocean City. An Uber spokeswoman says the company uses advertising to test a market's viability.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - The State Highway Administration will begin repairs next month on the U.S. 50 bridge in Ocean City.

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The talks between the Ocean City police and the resort’s officials have stalled over the latest labor contract.

At issue is a cost of living adjustment which may have to go to arbitration.

Previous agreements have included an automatic annual 3 percent cost of living adjustment.

Union President Sgt. Shawn Jones told the Salisbury Daily Times that he wants to get his officers pay on par with other law enforcement agencies in the region.

The bargaining unit includes 90 officers from the rank 0f sergeant on down.


When thousands come to Ocean City for the annual air show they will get a chance to see a demonstration by the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor Demo Team.

The June event will display the superfighter which the only operational fifth-generation fighter aircraft in the world.

In addition, this will be the inaugural performance of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in Ocean City along with the Breitling Jet Team.

Bryan Lilley, president of the OC Air Show, said that with the addition of the F-22 team the resort will have three of the biggest acts in the air show industry. 

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Delmarvans began digging themselves out of this week’s snow storm.

In Salisbury stretching down to Snow Hill residents saw as much as 8 inches of the white stuff.

Ocean city saw 7 inches.

The Crisfield and Parsonsburg and Laurel areas saw around 6 inches.

And, up in Lewes and Bethany Beach there was 5 inches of snow.

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The snow fall ended around mid-morning when motorists stopped by a local gas station in Salisbury:

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Come May 1st smoking a cigarette – even an electronic one – will be banned on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

In addition, the resort will restrict smoking to designated areas on the beach.

Council member Matthew James called this a healthy decision for the town.

He said that the new law accommodates smoking and non-smoking visitors to the resort.

James noted that there is even a place on the beach for everyone…for those who want to light up while allowing non-smokers to enjoy themselves.

dew tour

There will be no Dew Tour for Ocean City this year.

The skateboarding tournament decided not to return after four consecutive summers.

Colleen Hillgard with Alli Sports which puts on the competition said that the company will be looking this year to reach different markets.

An Ocean City spokeswoman told the Salisbury Daily Times reports that the company had reached out to the resort with the new saying that a format change would mean they would not be bringing the tour back to an East Coast beach this year.

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Electronic cigarettes have become so popular that Ocean City has even considered restricting them on the resort's beaches and Boardwalk.

But, there is a danger to this smokeless habit.

Poison control centers have been reporting more than double the number of calls in 2014 about exposure tio e-cigarettes and nicotine liquids.

Maryland News Connection reporter Debra Smith prepared this report.

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Hockey could be coming to Worcester County officials are looking at possibly constructing a multi-purpose stadium-style arena that could provide a venue for a minor league hockey team as well as concerts and convention groups.

Bill Badger, director Economic Development, told the Salisbury Daily Times that it is too soon to say where or when it might be built.

He adds that more than likely this would be a public-private venture.

But such project would stir up some competition with the Ocean City Convention Center.

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Smoking restrictions will hit the beach and Boardwalk in Ocean City come May 1st.

And they will include electronic cigarettes.

Some council members favored an outright ban but the council eventually decided to go with a proposal that would carve out smoking areas on the beach and the Boardwalk with entry platforms.

This would still allow for the estimated 17 percent of tourists who smoke to light up.

The new smoking restrictions will rely on self-policing and there is no expectation that anyone will go to jail for smoking on the Boardwalk.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - Prosecutors have dropped manslaughter charges against two men who were in a fight in Ocean City that led to a man's death.

Thirty-seven-year-old Justin Daniel Cancelliere of North Whitehall, Pennsylvania, unconscious in the parking lot of a hotel on Aug. 24. He died later that day at a hospital.

Twenty-seven-year-old Caleb Ochse and 22-year-old Christopher Kendall, both of Ocean City, were charged with manslaughter and other offenses. The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that prosecutors said they were the aggressors in a fistfight with Cancelliere.

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In Ocean City the Winterfest of Lights begin tonight.

Organizers say there will be more than 400 displays and more than 800-thousand LED bulbs.

You can take the Winterfest Express for a one mile trip surrounded by music through 58 acres of lights that feature a 50-foot Christmas tree.

Admission is $5 for guests who are 12 year or older while those younger than that get in for free. 

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Ocean City officials have disqualified Philip Ufholz from running for town council.

He says he has been a property owner of a condo on 88th street since 1975 and owns a home in Bethesda where his wife lives.

The city charter requires a candidate to be a permanent resident and live in the resort four months before the election.

Ufholz told WBOC that he was shocked when he got word that he did not qualify to run for office.

He said he had voted in every election since 2008 and had presented last year’s tax returns which listed him as a resident.