National Flood Insurance Program

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FEDERALSBURG, Md. (AP) - Changes in the federal flood insurance program are likely to mean higher premiums for thousands Maryland residents, and not just those living in Ocean City or along the Chesapeake Bay.

For years, the federal government offered subsidized flood insurance on homes and businesses. But discounted premiums and  catastrophic storms in recent years have left the National Flood Insurance Program deeply in debt, prompting Congress to pass a law two years ago requiring policyholders to start paying rates based on their true risk of flooding.

BOWERS BEACH, Del. (AP) - Officials in Bowers Beach are holding a public hearing to discuss a proposed federal loan of $64,000 for drainage improvements and flood mitigation.

Thursday evening's hearing will allow the public to comment on town plans to accept a Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service loan, repayable over 40 years. The same agency has awarded the town a grant of up to $495,000 for drainage improvements, and state officials have chipped in grants up to $100,000.

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Eastern Shore Congressman Andy Harris joined fellow House Republicans in casting a vote against the House’s $9.7 billion storm relief aid package.

The bill will help the mid-Atlantic region recover from Hurricane Sandy and was approved in the House by a vote of 354-67.

Harris, whose district represents hard-hit areas such as Crisfield and Ocean City, said he wanted the bill to include reforms for the flood insurance program and believed it did not have sufficient financial support.