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A former Parkside High School graduate from Salisbury has been nominated to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

He is Alex Azar II who was named by President Trump to fill the post left vacant by Tom Price over a scandal involving charter aircraft for personal and official travel.

Mike Dunn, chairman and CEO of the Greater Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, told the Salisbury Daily Times that Azar was a “shining star.”

Azar’s father came to this country around a hundred years ago from Lebanon.

Greater Salisubury Committee

Former Salisbury City Council President Mike Dunn has been named the next president and CEO of the Greater Salisbury Committee.

His appointment comes after a four month search.

WBOC reports that Dunn that said he was humbled by the appointment adding that he hopes to take the organization into the next phase.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day called the hire a fantastic choice and said that Dunn has demonstrated a commitment to the community.

He will take over as of January 4th.

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Now begins the search for answers to the explosion that destroyed the Antares rocket on Tuesday that was to carry supplies to the International Space Station.

Officials say they have begun an initial assessment of the damage and in the weeks ahead they will move forward with restoring the space launch capabilities.

Keith Kohler, a spokesman for the Wallops Flight Facility, he does not expect the disaster to affect upcoming sounding rocket launches which are scheduled for the coming months.


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Red, White and boom, a fourth of July celebration in Salisbury is on its way to having its third consecutive fireworks display.

Last night, the city council voted to contribute 10,000 to this year's event.

Mike Dunn, Chair of Red, White and Boom, said because the fireworks are a major part of the celebration, it's necessary to make sure they are funded.

Dunn said that the fireworks were to honor those who have served their country:

He added that the proejct could still use some donations from the community to make it successful.


Fireworks may make it back to Salisbury for a second year in a row since it was revived after a seven year hiatus.

Former City Council President Mike Dunn told the Salisbury Daily Times that organizers plan for another Red, White and Boom celebration which took place last year at a vacant lot owned by Salisbury University.

It lasted 35 minutes with the fireworks, shooting up as high as 600 feet into the night sky.

The nearby Wayne Street will once again be turned into “Americana Avenue with food vendors, local nonprofits and entertainment.

Anuj Biyani/ Creative Commons

The permits are in place.

The parking has been arranged.

And police as well as Public Works personnel are ready as the city of Salisbury gears up for the Red, White and Boom fireworks display set for July 4th.

Mike Dunn, former City Council President and the current interim manager at Delmarva Public Radio, led the effort to organize the event.

He noted this would be the first time since 2006 that the town has had a fireworks display.

 No cash from the City of Salisbury for this year’s 4th of July fireworks.

By a 4-to-1 vote the City Council said it would only provide in kind-services.

The Council majority turned down a request for $5-thousand to the Red, White and Boom fireworks display.

Mike Dunn, former president of the city council who has been spearheading the effort, told the Salisbury Daily Times that $25-thousand to $30-thousand has been raised so far.

Anuj Biyani/Creative Commons


Fireworks are returning to Salisbury for this 4th of July.

Former Salisbury City Council President Mike Dunn says they should be the largest display on Delmarva outside of the beach areas.

Dunn told the Salisbury Daily Times that $20,000 display will be launched from the old Shoreland Freezers site on Bateman Street.

It will feature fireworks that could reach as high as 600-feet in the air and be visible from as far away as a mile.