Maintenance of Effort


The Wicomico County Council is set to take up the 2013 fiscal year budget on Tuesday night after a two week delay.

Among the cuts the County  liability for pensions that should produce a $767,000 savings.

The County Executive was given a delay in presenting the budget to assess the impact of the state’s budget problems.   


           The Wicomico County Council voted yesterday unanimously to hike the local income tax rate from 3.1 percent to 3.2 percent the maximum allowed by law.

            But, the legislative body put its budget on hold for the next two weeks after the County Council was told that there would be a $14 million spending mandate from the state.

            The Salisbury Daily Times reports the County’s top financial officer told the Council that this was double what they had anticipated from Annapolis for funding the Maintenance of Effort for the public schools.


           A potential $14.4 million hit to the Wicomico County budget may be reduced to $6.7 million with a new amendment.

            Legislation in Annapolis was set to increase the Maintenance of Effort spending requirement for education for the County from $36.4 million to $50.8 million.

            That local officials said would have required the county to either dramatically increase taxes or sharply cut core services.