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BALTIMORE (AP) - Baltimore's police commissioner says he remains committed to an effort to discipline officers for the treatment of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody.

Commissioner Kevin Davis issued a statement Tuesday after an administrative board found Officer Caesar Goodson didn't violate department policies while driving Gray to a police station in 2015. Gray died a week later from injuries suffered during the journey, touching off days of protests and rioting.

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Accomack County will be electing their school board.

That was the decision by voters yesterday in a decision replace the appointment of the board.

WBOC reports that the vote was overwhelming with 72 percent favoring an elected board.

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GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) - How much is a 7-year-old beagle worth?

That's a question to be answered in a lawsuit filed against a southern Delaware hospital where a female beagle named Lacey underwent surgery last year to remove her anal glands.

The dog's owners say the surgery was botched, leading to more surgeries and roughly $10,000 in additional medical bills.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's Supreme Court has reversed a judge's ruling allowing a couple supervised visits with their grandchildren, despite the objections of the children's parents.

The court on Tuesday said that the Family Court ruling issued earlier this year amounted to an abuse of discretion.

The Family Court acknowledged that the parents' objections to visitation by the grandparents were not unreasonable, given clear evidence of the grandparents' meddling in the children's lives and their hostility toward the parents.

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(AP)- A friendly crowd greeted Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam and his wife as they arrived at their local polling station to cast their ballots.

Northam hugged cheering voters Tuesday morning at a Norfolk community center, thanking them for their support during the closely watched race. A few dozen voters were there.

He and Republican Ed Gillespie have been locked in a heated battle to succeed Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who cannot seek a second term.


FREDERICK, Md. (AP) - Maryland's attorney general wants the U.S. Supreme Court to reject a Republican appeal over the state's map for the 6th District in the western part of the state.

The Frederick News-Post reports that Attorney General Brian Frosh asked the high court to affirm a U.S. District Court decision not to impose a preliminary injunction that would have required a new statewide map before the 2018 election.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Polls have opened in Virginia as the state picks a new governor in a race that's being closely watched nationwide.

Republican Ed Gillespie and Democrat Ralph Northam have been locked in a heated race to succeed Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who cannot seek a second term. The contest is viewed by many as a referendum on President Donald Trump and a possible preview of the 2018 midterm elections. Libertarian Cliff Hyra is also running.


Ocean City has formed a task force to deal with the problems that have arisen with the resorts major motor vehicle events.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the public has expressed concern over the some of the incidents that have taken place over the last few months.

Last night’s town council meeting was filled by the public as officials took up seven recommendations by the Police Commission.

The Daily Times reports that among these was sending a letter to the H2O International Car show promoters asking that the event be relocated.

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The Salisbury City Council has put off the question of increasing the salary of the Mayor.

At last night’s session council members looked at whether the salary should be increased from $25-thousand to $75-thousand a year.

It has not gone up over the last ten years.

WBOC reports that former mayor and current city council member Jim Ireton said he was against going above $40-thousand a year.

Meanwhile, council members Muir Boda and April Jackson appear to be looking at something between $50-thousand and $60-thousand a year.


An oyster restoration project in the Little Choptank River is being cut back by about one fourth or a 118 acres of the original goal.

It will mean a reduction of around 19.5 million oysters which would filter over 1 billion liters of water per day.

The decision comes after boats ran aground on another oyster sanctuary and the rebuilding of some of the man-made reefs.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the environmentalists have hailed these projects which are part of a federal-state agreement for restoration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.