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Salisbury, MD – Salisbury Council Vice President Gary Comegys vows to continue his work for the city after being diagnosed with a form of bone marrow cancer last week.

Salisburym, MD – With immigration reform possibly the next big issue on Capitol Hill, immigrant rights advocates believe it could resolve the issue of providing driver's licenses to the undocumented. By 2015 Maryland will phase out its past practice of providing licenses to those who could produce foreign identity documents without establishing legal residency in this country. Translation and editorial assistance provided by Charito Calvachi-Mateyko for this story.

Salisbury, MD – With the health care reform legislation the law of the land, Democrats and Republicans will now take their case to the American people in the run up to the November mid-term elections.

Salisbury, MD – In early May, the state of Maryland is expected to enact revised storm water regulations, designed to curb pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. The measure is a compromise hammered out by state officials, builders and environmentalists.

Salisbury – In March, demonstrators took to the streets in Wilmington to protest legislation that would overturn a gun ban in public housing. The authors say they only want to ensure the Second Amendment rights of residents, but critics say their aim is much broader than that.

Salisbury, MD – Lower Eastern Shore clinical psychologist Michael Finegan, who worked with the Catholic Relief Services, has just returned from earthquake devastated Haiti. He talks about his experiences and the unique approach he took in dealing with the childhood trauma left behind.

Salisburgy, MD – The US Army Corp of Engineers has begun deepening the Delaware River despite legal challenges from the states of Delaware, New Jersey and environmental groups.

Salisbury. MD – With the recent snow storms Delaware drivers are being confronted with thousands of potholes. How it happened and what's being done about them.

Salisbury, MD – On Delmarva a Delaware pediatrician has been charged with molesting over one hundred children, while a registered sex offender has been arrested in the kidnapping and murder of an 11 year old Salisbury girl. These cases have sent shock waves across the peninsula and caused legislators to tighten sex offender laws.

Salisbury, MD – Popular children's author Laura Vaccaro Seeger will be appearing at SU March 3rd. Her concept books feature the combination of pictures and cut-outs. Seeger shares with us the process of creating them.

Salisbury, MD – With yet another snow storm on the way, the poultry and livestock industries are seeking help as they struggle with the damage from the last storms.

Salisbury, MD – With a $250 million budget deficit, Delaware Governor Jack Markell plans to balance the state's $3.2 billion by trimming the budgets of the state's Universities.

Salisbury, MD – After a decade of debate, the Salisbury City Council begins debate on impact fees that would be charged to developers for the expansion of city services needed by new communities.

Salisbury, MD – The Salisbury University Music Department combines Negro spirituals and readings from James McBride's novel, "Song Yet Sung", to tell the story of Liz Spocott who travels with other runaway slaves through the Eastern Shore during the 1850's.

Salisbury MD – With more snow on the way, some Wicomico residents are grumbling about the pace of snow removal.

Salisbury, MD – With the rapid rate of development on the Delmarva peninsula, the state of Maryland is cracking down on storm water runoff. That could set up a battle between developers and environmentalists.

Salisbury, MD – With brake troubles on Toyota's Prius and gas pedal problems in other auto lines, auto dealers and customers are trying to sort out their future.

Salisbury, MD – In his State of the State address Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley makes job creation his top priority, while Republicans warn that Democrats will raises taxes next year to close future budget deficits.

Salisburgy, MD – Former Senator Charles "Mac" Mathias, best known as the father of the modern effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay, died this week at the age of 87. A look back at the man and his legacy.

Salisburgy, MD – With the stunning picture of earthquake devasation in Haiti, Delmarvans rally to assistance relief efforts.

Salisbury, MD – In the war on terror, the public has become accustomed to the videos aon the internet offered up by terrorist groups. However, at one time radio was the medium for those in conflict.

Salisbury, MD – With the winter weather churches in Salisbury have opened up their doors to provide food and shelter for the homeless. And, they find many new faces as the recession has deepened this year.

Annapolis, MD – Facing a $2 billion budget deficit, Governor Martin O'Malley told the Marc Steiner Show that he expects as much as a 3% increase in tuition for University of Maryland students.

Salisbury. MD – With the increase in heroin use on Delmarva Public Radio takes a look at the user and his addiction. The road to recovery. (Part 3)

Salisbury, MD – With the increase in heroin use on Delmarva Public Radio takes a look at the user and his addiction. The mind of the addict. (part 2)

Salisbury, MD – With the increase in heroin use on Delmarva Public Radio takes a look at the user and his addiction. Prescription drugs as a gateway to heroin use. (Part 1)

Salisbury. MD – With the latest compromise on Senate health care reform drawing fire from progressive groups, Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) defends the latest deal that drops expansion of Medicare Care.

Salisbury. MD – The nation has been inundated with buzz words like public option, death panels and even the name of Senator Joe Lieberman as Washington debates health care reform. Public Radio Delmarva's Essayist Penny Hartman says, she's tired of hearing it, but that's not all.

Salisbury University

Salisbury, MD – Local Arts patrons Peter and Judy Jackson recently left the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra $500,000 in the form of a charitable remainder unitrust. The gift more than doubles the SSO's endowment.

Salisbury. MD – Senator Ted Kaufman (D-MD), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he's pleased with President Barak Obama's plan for Afghanistan, but says he has many questions about the government in Kabal.