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Salisbury, MD – It's a last minute mad dash for those looking for candy, flowers and card on Valentine's Day.

Annapolis, MD – Governor O'Malley announced that the state's recent oyster survey shows good news.

Salisbury, MD – With the threats escalating from the Egyptian government, Kevin Gebhart, who resides in Bishopville, MD, and works for a non-governmental organization in Kenya, describes the mood of Egyptian protesters in Tahrir Square. He says, the uprising has both political and economic dynamics.

Salisbury, MD – In delivering his state of the state address, Governor Martin O'Malley warned there would be tough fiscal choices ahead. After pouring money into the education system over the last few years, the Governor said, schools would have to tighten their belts.

Salisbury, MD – San Domingo School, which lies outside of Sharptown, was one of seven schools built on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with funds donated by Julius Rosenwald and Booker T. Washington. Built in 1919, the two-story school is the largest and best maintained of the three Rosenwald schools still in existence. Public Radio Delmarva's Jamyla Williams went to the school to discover its legacy.

Dover, De – Governor Jack Markell laid out his $3.4 billion budget that would close a $216 million spending gap. The Delaware Democrat proposes to make up the deficit with spending cuts, efficiencies, one-time revenue sources, and the first layoffs of his administration.

Lewes, DE – The art of glass blowing reaches back to the times of the Romans and arrived on the shores of America in Jamestown, Virginia. However, the modern studio glass blowing movement begin in 1962. Since then it has spread across the country including Delmarva. Deb Appleby, who owns The Studio On 24 in Lewes, describes the art and the business of glass blowing.

Dover, DE – In his State of the State address, Governor Jack Markell told lawmakers that the budget would see serious cuts even in programs that he has long supported. In additon, he called on all Delawareans to work together to weather the economic storm.

Salisbury, MD – At his second inaugural address Governor Martin O'Malley told the gathering that Maryland faces tough decisions, as Annapolis gets down to struggling with a budget deficit of $1.6 billion.

Salisbury, MD – It's been fifty years since President John F. Kennedy gave his inaugural address. Public Radio Delmarva's Dick Rosse was a correspondent in Berlin at the time, and recalls the impact of that speech at the height of the Cold War.

Cambridge, MD – A former landmark in Cambridge may be rebuilt. Volunteers want to build a full-size replica....

Delaware – Despite Delaware's historically high unemployment rates and long-term financial trouble, the Center for Economic Policy and Analysis says that they expect employment rates to grow at an average annual rate of 2 percent. A report released today says that employment growth can be achieved if Delaware is fiscally conservative and takes a pro-active approach in business development. Gov. Markell will give his State of the State address tomorrow and is expected to focus on job creation.

Salisbury, MD – Salisbury City Council Vice President Gary Comegys talks about his decision not to seek a third term and reflects on his tenure as well as the problems facing the city.

Maryland – The state of Maryland is receiving some federal financial assistance - from a grant program to assist low-income families pay their home energy bills. The Low Income House Energy Assistance Program will provide the state of MD with nearly $77-million dollars in assistance. Families of four earning up to $38,000 are eligible; single individuals can also apply to the year-round program.

Dover, DE – Tuesday was the first day of Delaware's legislative session. And now that the formalities are over, lawmakers must balance a 3.4 billion dollar budget without the help of federal stimulus money. Tom Byrne of DFM News has this report.

Annapolis, MD – With a looming $1.6 billion budget deficit, Maryland lawmakers gathered in Annapolis to open their 2011 legislative session. During Marc Steiner's annual legislative Summit program sponsored by WEAA FM and the Baltimore Business Journals, Governor Martin O'Malley and the two top legislative leaders agreed the state would be in for some deep cuts in state services.

Salisbury, MD – After seventeen years as classical music host, Bill Bukowski leaves the station to persue new opportunities. He reflects on classical music and WSCL's listeners.

Salisbury, MD – Ocean Downs is set to open the second slots casino in Maryland, but not everyone in Worcester County is enthusiastic.

Dover – Delaware First Media reports on residents gearing up for 2011 state ban on hand held cell phone use while driving.

Salisbury, MD – As part of his Safe Streets Initiative Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton has drawn up legilsation that would crackdown on landlords and their tenants. However, with the Mayor and City Council majority at oddsd over the legislation, the issue will probably not be decided until the municipal elections next year.

Salisbury, MD – Wtih less than two weeks before Christmas, shoppers in the Centre at Salisbury roam the stores for bargains as they cope with the effects of the Great Recession.

Salisbury, MD – Shoppers are crowding the malls in search of the perfect present. And none is more universal than a good book. Public Radio Delmarva's essayist Diane Saienne Albanese is an eighth grade language arts teacher in Milton, Delaware, where she makes a pitch each year to her students for the gift of good literature.

Salisbury, MD – With the expected heavy Thanksgiving holiday traffic, motorists should expect crowded higways and long delays.

Salisbury, MD – With the child molestation case against pediatrician Earl Bradley set for early next year, the community of Lewes and the Delaware state agencies have come together to deal with its effects on the children and their families.

Salisbury, MD – As the child molestation case of Dr. Earl Bradley moves forward next year, the Hispanic community is still trying to come to grips with the scandal. In part 2 of our series, we look at the impact on the Latino community, where many parents are reluctant to come forward because they are undocumented. Translation and reporting assistance for this story from Charito Calvachi-Mateyko. Part 2 in on series on the Bradley case

Salisbury, MD – Cambridge is considering a new comprehensive plan as it turns its back on the days when the town once considered a mega-development near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.

Salisbury, MD – As Delaware gears up for the trial of Dr. Earl Bradley, who has been accused of sexually molesting more than one hundred children, Public Radio Delmarva looks at the impact of the case on the community. Part 1 explores the scandal and why it took so long to get the attention of the authorities. (Contains graphic language)

Salisbury, MD – Anna Ella Carroll played a prominent role in the civil war era, including being credited with assisting to keep the state of Maryland in the Union. Her life is highlighted by a new film "The Lost River" to be shown at the Hyatt in Cambridge and the book "Women of Distinction in Maryland History" authored by Caroline Stegman. Stegman talked with Public Radio Delmarva's Katherine Grout about the life of this distinguished woman from the Eastern Shore.

Salisbury, MD – Delaware state officials are warning motorists to be on the look out for deer crossing the roads especially during dawn and dusk.

Salisbury, MD – Public Radio Delmarva Essayist Penny Hartman reflects on the old address "Ma'am" and what it means as she contemplates those Golden Years.