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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's Supreme Court has upheld the life sentences of a former death row inmate convicted of killing two teenagers 30 years ago.

The court on Wednesday rejected Freddy Flonnory's challenge to the mandatory life sentences he received in 2004. Flonnory was retried after his death sentences were overturned in 2001.

His appeal centered on a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that mandatory life sentences for juvenile murderers were unconstitutional.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Charles Blizzard was sentenced by a Delaware judge in June to a year of probation after pleading guilty to offensive touching.

That's a far cry from the life sentence he was given for the fatal beating of a man in 1982, when Blizzard was 17 years old.

Blizzard, now 52, was released from prison in 2014, one of more than a dozen convicted killers in Delaware who were resentenced after initially being given life in prison for crimes committed as juveniles.

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A new state policy could mean that Maryland inmates serving parole-eligible life sentences for their childhood crimes may now be considered for minimum-security facilities and possibly work-release programs.

The Baltimore Sun reports  Public Safety Secretary Stephen T. Moyer this month reversed rules that prohibited any Maryland inmate sentenced to life in prison from being placed in a below medium-security facility.

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It’s life in prison for the son and daughter of the Delaware Courthouse shooter on federal cyberstalking charges.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the courtroom was packed…when the judge handed down the sentences to David Matusiewicz and Amy Gonzalez.

Their mother Lenore Matusiewicz was also given a life sentence for her part for stalking David’s wife Christine Belford.

Their father Thomas Matusiewicz shot and killed Belford and a friend at a Delaware Courthouse over a custody hearing.

He then killed himself.

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A Maryland bill that would put prison sentences of life without parole in the hands of judges needs more time for consideration, lawmakers said.

Wednesday's development came after state senators decided too many important issues were being raised so close to the end of the legislative session.

The bill now heads back to the committee level with potential to return for next year's session, which ends midnight on Monday.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware's Board of Pardons has refused to hear a commutation request from a killer whose sentencing led to changes in Delaware's death penalty law.

James Llewellyn Jr. is one of four men convicted of robbing and murdering two armored car guards in December 1990. The defendants all received life sentences after jurors could not unanimously agree on the death penalty.

After 30 years in prison for the beating death and robbery of Howard Marshall Charles Rusty Blizzard walked out a freeman escaping a life sentence.

A Delaware judge ordered his release because of a Supreme Court decision that ruled it was cruel and unusual punishment to automatically sentence a juvenile to life in prison.

Blizzard was 17 in 1982 when the fatal beating occurred.

At his trial he denied he had anything to do with the beating but when he was released yesterday…he apologized to his victim’s sister calling the crime senseless.