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HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) - The owner of western Maryland's only casino is reporting its annual earnings and discussing its disputed plan to merge with another casino operator.

Lakes Entertainment Inc., based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, is releasing financial data Thursday. Executives will discuss the results in a conference call with reporters and analysts later in the day.

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It was a not guilty verdict for former Salisbury University student Travis Guthrie for from a change of not obeying a lawful order during an incident last October.

Two others Curtis Adams and Abdi Geleta, now SU graduates, were also arrested that night and also found not guilty.

All three of them have filed a civil case against the city the police department and Officer Justin Aita claiming they were unlawfully arrested.

They allege that the offier used excessive force.

The incident took place outside of Pat's Pizzeria around 2 a.m. on May 4th of last year.

The Data Centers LLC

The University of Delaware is being sued over a failed $1.3 billion project to construct a data center and power plant on campus.

Data Centers LLC of Pennsylvania claims it suffered $200-million in damages because the university system deliberately sabotaged the project after opposition arose in the community.

The suit specifically claims that the university lied to the public to protect school officials who had signed the contracts after a backlash developed.

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The arrest of a 15 year old by a Salisbury Police Officer Justin Aita has been declared unlawful.  

That’s the conclusion of a Circuit Court judge who dropped 5 of the 8 charges against the teen.

The boy was taken into custody back in August when the officer stopped the teen for riding his bicycle without a head-light.

The boy eventually pulled away after allegedly giving a false name where upon chase ensued.

The police report says that the boy’s aunt approached the scene resulting in the boy and aunt fighting with the officer.

Smyrna Police Face Second Lawsuit

Oct 9, 2014

A second lawsuit has been filed against the Smyrna Police Department.

This time it alleges that two people were wrongfully arrested by the police.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the incident occurred in December of 2013 involving a Smyrna High School student who was struck by another for speaking Spanish.

The suit claims that both students were arrested in retaliation for the mother of the student and the student expressing concerns to the department about bullying.

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A second lawsuit has been filed against the Salisbury Police and Officer Justin Aita within a week.

The suit was filed by Alexandra Francois and Nathalie Francois whose son 15-year old Renaldo Mesadieu was involved in an altercation with Aita.

The suit was filed on  Friday and dates back to an incident that occurred on August 11th.

Mayor Jim Ireton declined to comment on the case.

The incident involved the officer pulling over the son who was riding a bicycle and was told to move back the sidewalk.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - A former state trooper is suing the Delaware State Police, arguing that she was forced to retired from the force because of her weight.

46-year-old Deborah Jester filed a federal gender discrimination lawsuit Wednesday.

Jester, who had been on the force 16 years, says in the lawsuit that she was forced to retire after becoming non-compliant with the department's weight control program.

Jester's lawyer argues that her dismissal was discriminatory because "men are treated differently than women" in the department.

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OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) - A woman who says a defect in a wheelchair sidewalk ramp in Ocean City caused her to fall out of her wheelchair and break her arms is suing resort.

Eighty-nine year old Oda Wendt of Philadelphia alleges that a piece of rubber on the warning mat caused her wheelchair, which was being pushed by her daughter, to sop suddenly.

Her lawsuit, filed Aug. 20 in federal court in Baltimore, seeks $750,000 in damages. The suit says the incident occurred in June of 2012.

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SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Two former Wicomico County public school employees have filed a lawsuit against the Board of Education, alleging gender discrimination.

The lawsuit was filed this week by former employees Stacy Messick and Stephanie Moses. They allege they were fired because the school system held them to different standards than men in similar positions.

Al Gore Vs. Al Jazeera

Aug 22, 2014
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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Attorneys for former Vice President Al Gore are challenging an effort by Al Jazeera America to keep details of a Delaware Chancery Court lawsuit secret.

Gore and his Current TV co-founder Joel Hyatt claim in the lawsuit filed last week that Al Jazeera is improperly withholding tens of millions of dollars placed in escrow when Al Jazeera bought Current TV for $500 million last year.

A $1 million lawsuit has been filed against Trimper Rides and Amusements in the wake of an accident involving a 2-year old who was injured on the park’s kiddie ride.

The plaintiff, Raffinee McNeill from Accomack County, claims that a ride operator’s mistakes caused her young son Jadyn to suffer a skull fracture when he fell.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the lawsuit filed in federal court charges that the incident occurred two years ago in June on a ride where kiddie sized cars and trucks go around in a circle.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Three men who worked as detectives in the Delaware attorney general's office have filed a lawsuit claiming that the justice agency and Attorney General Beau Biden have refused to pay them overtime.

Robert Durnan, Gerald Christian and Mark Forbes also allege in a federal lawsuit filed Monday that they were subjected to retaliatory reassignments or duty restrictions last year after their attorney sought payment for overtime accrued since November 2010. Payroll records show no overtime payments to the men in that period.

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A pollution lawsuit by dozens of residents against the now-closed Evraz Claymont Steel plant will continue after all.

Superior Court Judge John Parkins said the fact that at least 82 people have allegedly been harmed supports continuation of the lawsuit.

He noted that they complain of specific injuries to them.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that for years residents around the plant said that the scrap steel recycling and plate-making operations produced damaging metallic slag dust and toxic pollutants.

The Worcester County jail is being sued for a half-a-million dollars in damages by a former inmate for inadequate medical treatment among other allegations.

59-year old Harry Osore, a Kenyan national, says he was held at the facility…from early January through mid-May.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that he says that he suffered from an acute viral infection and forwarded the lack of medical attention to the warden.

But he says he got no response.