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Governor Larry Hogan has appointed two members to the Wicomico County Board of Education.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that they are Nelson Malone and Maria Waller from the business community.

They have been appointed just as a Donna Hanlin takes over as superintendent replacing John Fredericksen who is retiring after 44 years in public education.

Fredericksen served two terms and was praised during a tribute by former education officials.

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The Wicomico County School Budget has been approved for the next fiscal year.

An additional $1.6 million will be spent on improving the safety of students, student discipline and school climate.

WBOC reports the new staff will range from behavior intervention and special education…to reading for elementary students.

Superintendent John Fredericksen told the station that there were certain things that caused some concerns.

Meanwhile, the Wicomico County Education Association President Gary Hammer praised the initial funding but added more can be done.

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The Wicomico County Education Association has released the results of a new survey.

The two top concerns of 70 percent of those polled revolve around safety and disrespect in the classroom.

Gary Hammer, president of the Association, said that his members have noticed a significant change that lead him to sound the alarm.

But WBOC reports that Superintendent John Fredericksen responded by saying that disciplinary actions in schools have actually declined in the school this year.

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Wicomico County schools have canceled three field trips for early this week to Washington D.C. and other cities on the Western Shore in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that County schools Superintendent John Fredericksen said that no decision had been made about field trips to metropolitan areas on Wednesday.

Fredericksen told the paper that he had been informed of threats in several major cities in our region…where students would have been visiting.


SALISBURY, Md. (AP) - Wicomico Superintendent of Schools John Fredericksen has announced he will not seek to renew his four-year contract when it ends next June.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports Fredericksen announced his decision at a school board meeting Tuesday.

Beaver Run Dealing with Water and Sewage Issue

Sep 26, 2014
Don Rush

The students, staff and faculty have been advised not to drink from the water fountains at Beaver Run Elementary School as it tests for contaminants.

The school has provided water coolers and bottled water.

The news comes after students and faculty began using the regular restrooms following sewage problems that forced them to use portable toilets.

Wicomico County Superintendent John Fredericksen said money has been set aside for connecting the school’s water lines to the city rather than continuing to use a well.

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A Maryland State audit found that the Wicomico County Public School district does not have enough financial accountability.

The findings ranged from salary increases were greater than they should have been costing taxpayers $69-thousand to $169-thousand spent on corporate credit cards at local restaurants.

In addition, it found the district made computational mistakes resulting in $3.2 million more than they should have paid to bus contractors over a 15 year period.  

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Wicomico County officials made their pitch to the Maryland Board of Public works for extra money to build Bennett Middle School.

Wicomico County public schools would like $10.2 million for the fiscal year 2015 for ongoing construction of the facility.

The interagency Committee on School construction has recommended funding only $7.6 million.

Superintendent John Fredericksen told the Board that his number one priority is Bennett Middle School.

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Job cuts are coming to the Wicomico County Public Schools.

Six positions are in jeopardy including a teacher an instructional assistant and professional development coach.

That’s the message for more than 200 parents who signed a friendly petition protesting the proposed budget by Wicomico County Executive Rick Pollitt.

His spending plan cuts the county contribution to the public schools by over $2 million dollars from the $40 million requested by the Board of Education to $38 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

The budget cuts that will be coming from the sequester in Washington D. C. this Friday could have a major impact on the Eastern Shore.

$14.4 million would be slashed from primary and secondary education while $9.4 million would be cut from education for children with disabilities.

John Fredericksen, superintendent of Wicomico County public schools…told the Salisbury Daily Times Times, that the school system would be forced to cut staff, classroom supplies and some after-school program hours.

And, that, he added, is all before the end of the year.