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There’s only a week left in the Delaware state legislative session.

And state Senate leaders told the Wilmington News Journal that they do not intend to hold votes on issues like hiking the minimum wage or re-instating the death penalty.

Much of the discussion is being taken up with last minute negotiations over the state budget which is facing a $350 million shortfall.

Legislative leaders say proposed tax hikes are still up in the air along propose budget cuts that proved extremely unpopular during the early going of the budgetary process.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Former vice president Joe Biden already has a train station in Wilmington named for him.

Now, local officials are making a splash by naming a swimming pool for him.

Gov.  John Carney was scheduled to join Biden and community members on Monday, when the aquatic center at the Brown-Burton Winchester Park will be renamed in his honor.

As a teenager, Biden worked as a lifeguard at what was known as the Prices Run swimming pool.

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There could be fewer school districts in the future for Delaware.

Some members of the General Assembly are making the suggestion as a way to save some money as the state faces a flood of red ink.

Currently, the state has 19 school districts with nearly 15-thousand students in the Red Clay school system alone.

State Representative Earl Jaques (D-Glasgow) chair of the House Education Committee has sponsored a bill that would create a taskforce to see if district consolidation would actually save money.

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Correctional officers in Delaware will be getting a raise and a pledge for safer working conditions.

The deal was struck by Governor John Carney and the union that represents correctional officers.

New hires will get $40-thousand dollars a year – a $5-thousand increase in the next budget year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that will go up to $43-thousand the following year.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - The state House has overwhelmingly approved a bill opening Delaware's environmentally protected coastal zone to new heavy industry.

The measure cleared the House on a 34-to-7 vote Tuesday and now goes to the Senate

The bill, supported by Gov. John Carney establishes a permitting process for new use of 14 existing industry sites, including abandoned and polluted brownfields.

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As Delaware lawmakers struggle to close a nearly $400 million budget deficit, educators are concerned about the hit the state's public schools might take when the wrangling is all over. One of those is Fredericka Jenner, president of the Delaware State Education Association. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush spoke with the outgoing president about the proposed cuts could have.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Democrats are proposing a new personal income tax bracket starting at $150,000 while Republicans are calling for broad fiscal reform as Delaware lawmakers continue struggling to fashion a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Frustration remained evident among Republican and Democratic legislative leaders Tuesday as the July 1 start of the fiscal year looms closer with no budget agreement in sight.

Republicans say Democrats don't appear to be serious about cutting state spending.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Republican lawmakers say changes to Delaware's prevailing wage laws need to be part of discussions with Democrats as lawmakers try to hammer out a budget for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Under state law, the Labor Department sets minimum wage rates for laborers and mechanics on certain public works projects. The rates are based on employer surveys in each county and often driven by union wages.

Critics say the prevailing wage needlessly drives up the cost of taxpayer-funded construction projects.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - A proposal to open Delaware's environmentally protected coastal zone to new heavy industry has cleared its first legislative hurdle.

The bill cleared a House committee Wednesday despite complaints from environmental groups and other opponents about the lack of public input.

The bill establishes a permitting process for new use of 14 existing industry sites, including abandoned and polluted brownfields.

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A proposal to open Delaware's environmentally protected coastal zone to new heavy industry is getting its first hearing in the legislature.

A House committee hearing on the bill was set for Wednesday amid opposition from several environmental groups.

The bill establishes a permitting process for new use of 14 existing industry sites, most of them abandoned and polluted brownfields.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - As the battle over abortion rights continues to spread from Washington to state capitals, Delaware lawmakers have taken the lead in ensuring that abortion remains legal if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned.

The state House on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill eliminating restrictions on abortion in current Delaware law, which has remained on the books despite being superseded for decades by federal law.

Democratic Gov. John Carney said he'll sign the measure, for which Planned Parenthood lobbied.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Gov. John Carney says he is disappointed that no criminal charges have been filed yet following a February inmate riot and hostage taking at Delaware's maximum security prison in which a prison guard was killed.

Carney's comment Tuesday came as he responded to an independent report describing James T. Vaughn Correctional Center as dangerously overcrowded, critically understaffed, and poorly run and managed.

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Governor John Carney announced that the First State has joined the coalition to fight climate change despite the decision by the Trump administration to pull out of the Paris climate accords.

In his statement Carney noted that Delaware is one of the most vulnerable to sea level rise with 381 miles of coastline.

He said that this could affect 17-thousand homes and 500 miles of roadways.

Delaware becomes the ninth state to join the U.S Climate Alliance consisting of states, Puerto Rico and local governments.

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Governor John Carney is set to announce a plan to deal with prison safety in Delaware in the aftermath of the inmate uprising at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center.

WBOC reports that a review pointed to problems such as understaffing and poorly trained correctional officers.

During the 20 hour uprising three correctional officers and one counselor were taken hostage and resulted in the death of Officer Steven Floyd.

His family is suing two former governors charging that understaffing and other safety issues led to his death.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - An independent review ordered by Delaware's governor after a deadly inmate riot describes the state's maximum-security prison as dangerously overcrowded, critically understaffed, and poorly run and managed.

A preliminary report from the review ordered by Democratic Gov. John Carney says prison workers consider communication to be the No. 1 problem at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - A new state commission is aimed at promoting the welfare and interests of Delawareans of African and Caribbean descent.

A bill being signed Friday by Gov. John Carney establishes the Delaware African and Caribbean Affairs Commission.

The seven-member body is charged with promoting the interests, culture and historical heritage, socioeconomic relationships, and general welfare of people of African and Caribbean descent in Delaware.

Governor John Carney will be meeting with opponents of marijuana legalization on June 1stas Delaware lawmakers consider allowing those 21 and older to buy one ounce from stores around the state of Delaware.

The legislation would also allow cultivation facilities businesses that convert the weed into edibles, liquids and ointments.

The meeting will take place on the campus of Delaware Technical Community College – the same site where he met with supporters of legalization.

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Delaware will be losing around 400 jobs with the announcement that the financial services company HSBC Bank USA is closing its offices in New Castle County.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the company says moving the jobs out of the First State is part of a two year plan to cut real estate expenses.

The offices in the Churchman’s Corporate Center employs 450 workers 50 of whom will still be able to work remotely from the company’s office in downtown Wilmington.

The paper reports the announcement came as a shock to the employees as well as the landlord.


DOVER, Del. (AP) - Lawmakers have introduced a bill to open parts of Delaware's environmentally protected coastal zone to heavy industry.

The legislation introduced Thursday establishes a permitting process for new use of 14 existing heavy industry sites, most of them abandoned and polluted brownfields.

The bill also would allow the currently prohibited transfer of bulk products such as oil and minerals at nine sites that had docking facilities or piers before the Coastal Zone Act was enacted in June 1971.

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There could be a hike in Delaware’s corporate franchise tax hitting some of the biggest companies in the state.

It’s bi-partisan legislation that would come up with a new tax bracket and would require some of the biggest firms to pay a new top rate with a maximum of a quarter of a million dollars each year.     

The current maximum rate is $180-thousand.

WBOC reports that the measure comes as Governor John Carney and Delaware lawmakers are grappling with a $382 million budget shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Gov. John Carney announced he has nominated Gray F. Traynor to the Delaware Supreme Court.
Media outlets report Gov. John Carney announced Monday that Traynor will replace Justice Randy Holland, who is retiring after 31 years on the bench.
Gov. Carney says Traynor has the judgment and thoughtfulness necessary to serve on the court, and he looks forward to the Delaware Senate considering his nomination.

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NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - The panel that sets Delaware's official revenue forecast has bumped up its projections as lawmakers prepare to begin drafting a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council on Monday increased its estimate of revenue available for the upcoming fiscal year by about $13 million, even though the forecast for personal income tax revenue for the current and next fiscal years declined by $24.5 million.

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A number of Delaware school districts have been handing out pink slips and have decided not to fill open positions as they await a final decision on cuts in the education budget.

The Wilmington News Journal reports there were 22 layoffs in the Appoquinimink district.

Governor John Carney says the reduction in education spending is necessary with a looming $400-million budget deficit.

But Cary said the districts do have to the option of raising taxes without a referendum to meet some of the shortfall under his spending plan.

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NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - The panel that sets Delaware's official revenue forecast is updating its projections as lawmakers prepare to begin drafting a budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Monday's meeting of the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council comes after the panel lowered its projections last month, the latest in a series of declining revenue forecasts.

The council last month lowered its revenue estimate for the current fiscal year by about $5 million compared to its March forecast. It reduced the revenue estimate for fiscal 2018 by $11 million.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Delaware Gov. John Carney has joined 11 other governors in writing a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to keep the U.S. in the Paris Climate Agreement to reduce carbon pollution and combat climate change.

Carney says the effects of climate change are already taking a toll on Delawareans, and that as a low-lying coastal state, Delaware is vulnerable to damage from sea level rise, stronger storm surges, and routine flooding.

Carney says the threats will only increase without a concerted effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Gov. John Carney is joining other state officials in honoring Delaware law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

Attorney General Matt Denn, state police superintendent Col. Nathaniel McQueen and Safety and Homeland Security Robert Coupe also were scheduled to attend Wednesday's annual wreath-laying ceremony at the Trooper's Memorial at state police headquarters in Dover.

Exercise to Fight Cancer

Apr 25, 2017
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DOVER, Del. (AP) - A state panel charged with helping find ways to reduce cancer rates in Delaware is looking at the role physical activity plays in preventing the disease.

Creating a culture of prevention through physical activity, particularly among the young, is the theme at Tuesday's meeting of the Delaware Cancer Consortium.

Following opening remarks from Gov. John Carney, the keynote address was to be delivered by Tom Farey, executive director of the Sports and Society Program at the Aspen Institute.


There will be a new Aquatic Resources Education Center to replace an older facility at the edge of the Delaware Bay Marsh.

The announcement was made yesterday by Governor John Carney during a ceremony where he was joined by Senator Chris Coons and Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester.

The governor praised the state’s Bayshore Region as a unique destination for ecotourism and outdoor recreation.

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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Dozens of people turned out for a discussion with Gov. John Carney about a bill that would legalize the recreational use and sale of marijuana.

The News Journal reports supporters of the measure far outweighed opponents at the meeting in Wilmington on Wednesday.

The governor has voiced opposition to the bill but said he wanted to hear from all sides.

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A lawsuit filed by the family of Steven Floyd a prison guard who died in an inmate uprising along is raising question about whether the riot could have been ended sooner saving his life.

The suit joined by surviving officers of the hostage situation at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center claims that Governor John Carney delayed the rescue attempt even though David Pierce the warden at the time was ready make the attempt.

The Wilmington news Journal reports that the governor’s office denies Carney intervened in the decision to make the rescue attempt.