Joe Hurley

Don Rush

The attorney for Eric Bodenweiser field a motion yesterday for an immediate court hearing on whether his accuser in his molestation case was coached.

The former Delaware state Senate Candidate has been accused of sexual abuse in the late 1980’s when the alleged victim was between 10 and 12 years old.

Defense attorney Joe Hurley told the judge that the victim’s appearance and voice seemed to improve which he called suspicious.

On Tuesday the alleged victim appeared angry – even yelling at Hurley.

The following day he was more visibly in control.


Things heated up between the man accusing former state Senate candidate Eric Bodenweiser of sexual abuse and his defense attorney in a Delaware courtroom yesterday.

The alleged victim says he was molested as a young boy during the 1980’s.

As defense attorney Joe Hurley sparred with him over – what Hurley said – were five inconsistencies in previous interviews

At one point the alleged victim lashed out saying “I don’t know how you could defend someone like that.”

Melvin Morse, Del. State Police

Pediatrician Dr. Melvin Morse, who is facing charges of child endangerment for allegedly waterboarding his 11 year-old step daughter, was on the radar of authorities as far back as 2007.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that prosecutors confirmed that he came to the attention of authorities after he sent “a disturbing” greeting card to his stepdaughter.

The paper reports that it implied a sexual relationship with the girl who was then 15.

Melvin Morse, Del. State Police

It may have been just an experiment.           

That’s latest from court documents in the case of Dr. Melvin Morse the pediatrician who faces charges for allegedly waterboarding his 11 year old stepdaughter.

The court documents were obtained by the Associated Press.

The affidavit for a search warrant said his waterboarding would fall into the area of study he practices. 

It goes on to say that he has written about and/or researched the topic of waterboarding.