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The Salisbury will be giving skateboarders a park of their own.

The City Council reversed a previous decision and voted this week to accept a $262-thousand grant from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources awarded the previous summer.

But the skateboarders will have to do without certain amenities such as drinking water and a permanent restroom.

Instead, there will be a portable toilet with a place for hand washing.

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The Salisbury City Council last night unanimously approved a $53 million budget that will raise property taxes for the first time in years.

The rate will go from $8.19 to $8.84 per $1000 of assessed property value.

The increase represents the revenue problem faced by Salisbury in the face of an 8 percent drop in the town’s property tax base due to the Great Recession.

There is a 2 percent pay raise for city employees and as well as money to maintain the pay increases for the police department.

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The Salisbury City Council is set to hold a final hearing tonight on the city’s $53 million budget that could include the town’s first property tax rate hike in years.

More than half of the nearly 11-thousand property owners would see an increase in their tax bills while the rest could see a slight decrease.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the rate will jump by 65 cents per $1-thousand of assessed property value just to keep the revenue from the property tax the same in the face of declining property values resulting from the Great Recession.

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Mayor Jim Ireton gave a strong introduction to the first Gubernatorial team of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman for next year’s election.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports a blog has floated the idea of Ireton joining another potential Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Attorney General Doug Gansler.

The paper reports that Ireton said that he has been getting some curious callers.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports that Ireton did not give any hints on his future when asked about the chances of joining a Gansler ticket.

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The Salisbury City Council is looking to cutback a key development fee in Mayor Jim Ireton’s proposal for revitalizing downtown.

Ireton’s plan would set aside up to 317 credits for water and sewer connection fees.

But last night Council President Jake Day says he wants to make around 100 credits available for downtown projects leaving the rest for employers to bring in high paying jobs.

These fees are called equivalent dwelling units or EDU’s and run around $33-hundred each.


John Pick has been a regular fixture at Salisbury City Council meeting for the last 18 years as City Administrator.

But, at the age 62 he announced that is leaving his Eastern Shore job effective June 28th for the city manager position in Northglenn, Colorado.

Financially, it is a step up from his current pay of $96-thousand to $133-thousand.

Pick said that he was moving to be closer to his sons to assume broader responsibilities and to take advantage of the retirement benefits from the city that he has earned over the years.


It’s the largest elevated water tower in Salisbury.

In fact it’s four times higher than any other.

And the structure was unveiled in a ribbon cutting ceremony presided over by Salisbury University President Janet Dudely-Eshbach yesterday.

The 130-foot-tall Milford Street structure displays the University logo that consists of a silhouette of a seagull above the Salisbury University name in maroon.

The University paid $16-thousand for the paint and maintenance.

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A new study calls creating a utility to raise more than $25 million over a ten year period to pay for maintaining and upgrading the stormwater drainage system in Salisbury.

The city council is set to hear a presentation by University of Maryland researchers.

Instead of property owners footing the bill the proposal would provide for a dedicated funding source to ensure that badly needed projects no longer experience delays in getting financing.

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Salisbury finally has a permanent Fire Chief.

Richard Hoppes has been promoted from acting to the permanent fire chief after having lost two previous bids for the top spot.

In 2009 he south the job after the retirement of former fire Chief David See and again in 2012 when See’s permanent replacement quit.

At the time, the City Council majority rejected Hoppes despite Mayor Jim Ireton’s backing.

Instead, they agreed to allow him to continue on in an acting position.

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Mayor Jim Ireton has proposed a property tax hike…in his latest $53 million budget for the city of Salisbury.

And, the new Council President Jake Day called it “fiscally appropriate.”

Ireton is seeking $8.84 per $1000 of assessed property value.

Last year, former Council President Terry Cohen rejected the Mayor’s proposal for a hike of $8.34 cents.

The increase comes in the face of one of the most dramatic plunges in property values of 8 percent and is needed just to maintain the amount revenue the city has been receiving.


It’s Election Day in Salisbury.

Topping the list is that of the race for Mayor where incumbent Jim Ireton is facing off against Delmarva blogger Joe Albero.

In the money race Ireton comes out ahead with a commanding lead of over $10-thousand to $71-hundred for Albero.

At one time, Albero had been supportive of Ireton.

Meanwhile, in District 2 two term incumbent Council Vice President Debbie Campbell is being challenged by urban planner Jake Day…who overwhelmed her in the primary with over 800 votes around 300.

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Mayoral and city council candidates  met last night for the last of their debates on the campus of Salisbury University as they face off in next week’s election.

In the most contentious race Mayor Jim Ireton was pressed about when he planned to send up a name to fill the long vacant position of Fire Chief.

The Mayor responded that he would do so when “…it was ready to go.”

Meanwhile, challenger Joe Albero is a local blogger who has been sharply critical of the Salisbury Zoo.

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At a forum held by the Salisbury Area of Chamber of Commerce the two candidates for Mayor got grilled on a proposal that could shut down a business that experienced multiple police visits.

Mayor Jim Ireton defended the plan that could trigger a year’s closure with as few as two police calls for more serious crime within a two year period.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that he told the Chamber “…police your own or the city will have to do it for you, respectfully.”

In what could be a pivotal election, on April 2 Salisbury voters will go the polls to choose the next mayor.  Incumbent Jim Ireton and challenger Joe Albero discuss their vision of the city's future.


With members of the city departments flanking him last night Mayor Jim Ireton touted a dramatic 40 percent drop in the crime rate with a 21 percent decline over the past 10 years.

During his address broadcast from Holloway Hall on the campus of Salisbury he also noted that the new police substation in the Doverdale neighborhood has been opened and that the city would be applying for more Safe Streets funding to continue the trend


The Salisbury City Council gave the current acting fire chief an extension through the end of the month during an emergency council session yesterday.

But the Council majority said that Mayor Jim Ireton must show progress toward choosing a permanent replacement.

The council rejected Ireton’s previous nomination of Rick Hoppes to permanently succeed Jeff Simpson.

In January of 2012 Hoppes was appointed to serve as fire chief for six months or until a successor could be found.

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You might not think that trash pick would be a problem in downtown Salisbury.

But the City Council will be taking up such trash issues at its meeting today.

But Ryan Patton picks up a week’s worth of garbage with his truck and drives the load from his downtown Salisbury apartment to a trash bin in Ocean City – 30 minutes away.

The reason? He told the Salisbury Daily Times that there is no trash pickup available to residents and businesses on the city’s Downtown Plaza.

But there are plans in the works.

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A proposal to limit Salisbury City employees access to social media sites on work computers has drawn charges of violating their free speech rights.

Council member Debbie Campbell called for reworking the plan so as not to “trample on people’s First Amendment rights.”

During a work session yesterday Council President Terry Cohen said that the new rules need to avoid even a hint of trying to suppress free speech outside of legitimate government concerns.

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With the end of the Democratic National Convention, delegates are returning home to face what could be a tough race in some of the battleground states. For Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton, the convention provided a lift to his fall campaign efforts.

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There will be 123 delegates from Maryland at this week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina.

And some locals will get their first taste of such festivities.

Mayor Jim Ireton, Council member Laura Mitchell and 2008 Obama volunteer Chuck Cook will be on hand as first time delegates.

Ireton told the Salisbury Daily Times that he is planning to attend the rural caucus and catch up with National Education Association supporters.

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Mayor Jim Ireton wants to increase spending on mosquito spraying this season.

He says the amendment to this year’s spending plan would help Salisbury coordinate its effort with Wicomico County.

In the wake of the rise in the West Nile Virus that has left on dead in the state of Maryland Ireton reminded residents to protect themselves against mosquitos that carry the disease.  

The controversial blogger Joe Albero is seeking $200-thousand from the Mayor of Salisbury Jim Ireton.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the suit was filed in June.

Albero, who established a residence in downtown Salisbury on the second floor of his office in March, is seeking damages for the Mayor calling him Delaware blogger.

The blogger alleges this raises questions about his eligibility to run for office.

City law requires that candidates must be a resident of the city for at least one year before the election.

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The City of Salisbury has gotten a reprieve on the deadline for a $1.4 million federal grant to hire 12 additional firefighters over a two year period.

Days after a City Council rejection of the grant because of a bureaucratic snafu Mayor Jim Ireton announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has given the town until September 4th.

He said that he sent a request to City Council President Terry Cohen to reconsider the grant.

The Mayor of Salisbury Jim Ireton, Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach band Eastern Shore Delegate Norm Conway dug their shiny shovels into the direct for a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday for the upgrades on Bateman and Street and Onley Road.

The initiative between the City and the University will make Bateman Street one-way west bound.

In addition there will be sidewalks and a bike path along Bateman.

And there will be a signal at Onley Road and South Division Street.

It is finally going to come to pass.

At 11 am this morning the City of Salisbury will hold the groundbreaking ceremony for a change on Bateman Street.

Last week the City Council unanimously approved plans to make Bateman Street one-way for westbound traffic between South Division and Wayne streets.

Mayor Jim Ireton praised the work and generosity of Salisbury University as well as the Salisbury Public Works Department.

Salisbury University contributed $180-thousand to the $280-thousand cost of the initiative in partnership with the City of Salisbury. 

Joe Albero may not have announced officially, but already he is getting scrutiny for an expected run for Mayor of Salisbury.  Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush looks at this controversial blogger's ideas for the city and his clashes with local leaders. 

Thousands flocked to the 36th Annual J Millard Tawes Crab & Clam Bake in Crisfield yesterday despite the hot sun.

Valerie Howard, director of the Crisfield Chamber of Commerce told the Salisbury Daily Times that organizers began selling tickets from the outset at 9 am.

She said she did not know yet how many had been sold.

Crisfield Mayor Percy Purnell, who was greeting visitors at the tent hosted by the city, added that the day was probably at least 2 degrees hotter than usual.

It was a spoof.

That’s the word from Mayor Jim Ireton and Police Chief Barbara Duncan.

Salisbury police have identified David Gaudette as the person who called local blogger Joe Albero pretending to be a drunk Mayor Ireton conceding the upcoming mayoral election and asking him to meet with him the next day.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that when Ireton did not show up at the fictitious meeting Albero phoned City Council Vice President Debbie Campbell to tell her about the incident.

There could be a snag in the construction set for next month at the Bateman Street/Onley Road intersection in Salisbury.

Mayor Jim Ireton presented the city council with a resolution that would make Bateman Street one-way and allow traffic to move in a westward direction from South Division Street to Wayne Street.

But the Salisbury Daily Times reports that the resolution will have to be turned into an ordinance which requires two votes and a public hearing.

A resolution only calls for one vote.

There’s a $10 million settlement in the lawsuit filed by Salisbury against the engineering firm which designed the defective wastewater treatment plant.

Mayor Jim Ireton and Council President Terry Cohen signed the agreement last night with the firm O’Brien & Gere.

The company says it is doing so without any admission of fault.  

The city spent over $60 million on the plant.

The new design by the national firm Brown & Caldwell is expected to run another $60 million.