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National Folk Festival

The National Folk Festival has announced its first eight musical acts for this year.

Among them are the award winning blind fiddler Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, Sounds of Korea and the fiddle Western singing group Quebe Sisters.

In addition there will be Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, Imamyar Hasanoy & Abbos Kosimov as well as Mariachi Los Comperos, Marquise Knox and Orquesta SCC.

Mayor Jake Day said that he was “blown away at how lost you get in the talent.”

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The Salisbury City Council has overridden Mayor Jake Day’s vote of a measure that hikes the salaries of city elected officials in 2019.

The vote was unanimous.

The vote means that the pay for Mayor will double from $25-thousand to $50-thousand while the pay for city council members inches up by a few thousand dollars with the council president reaching $15-thousand.

Day said he did not feel comfortable approving a raise for the Mayor’s job when he expected to run for re-election next year.

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Mayor Jake Day has vetoed a measure that would have raised the salaries of Salisbury elected officials.

Day said that because he planned on running for re-election next year he did not want to approve his own pay raise.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Council President Jack Heath plans to put the issue on the agenda for next week’s work session.

It takes four votes to override the mayor’s veto.

Under the ordinance the mayor’s salary would double from $25-thousand to $50-thousand.


The Mayor and City Council members of Salisbury will be getting a raise.

The council this week gave their final approval to hike the salary for the mayor from $25-thousand a year to $50-thousand a year.

Council members will get a bump from $10-thousand to $12-thousand while the president of the council will go from $12-thousand to $15-thousand.

The pay hikes will not take effect until after the city elections next year.


There’s good news from the wastewater treatment plant in Salisbury.

It’s working.

Mayor Jake Day said that levels of nitrogen and phosphorus over the last two months have dropped more sharply than the current permit allows.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Day said these results come despite the fact that some parts of the plant have not yet come on line.

The plant has undergone some $52 million in upgrades after failing to meet environmental requirements since 2005.

Upgrades to the plant are expected to be completed by May.

Dana Whitehair

The Wreaths Across America convoy rolled up to the Wicomico War Veterans Memorial on its way to Arlington Cemetery. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush prepared this report.

Don Rush

The Salisbury City Council has put off the question of increasing the salary of the Mayor.

At last night’s session council members looked at whether the salary should be increased from $25-thousand to $75-thousand a year.

It has not gone up over the last ten years.

WBOC reports that former mayor and current city council member Jim Ireton said he was against going above $40-thousand a year.

Meanwhile, council members Muir Boda and April Jackson appear to be looking at something between $50-thousand and $60-thousand a year.

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It was a full house last night as Mayor Jake Day gave his second state of the city address on the campus of Salisbury University.

He told the audience filled with local dignitaries that the city had undertaken a series of initiatives that would transform the Cross Roads of Delmarva.

He said, “We have found our rhythm. We are unshakably focused on continuing progress on our goals.  We are implementing our vision and we are unwilling to compromise our values or succumb to distractions.”

He added, “It’s paying dividends.”

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The next Mayor of Salisbury could get a significant bump in salary which is currently set at $25-thousand.

That’s the recommendation by the Salary Review Committee in its report to the city council this evening.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the committee also recommended an 18 percent increase for City Council members from $12-thousand to just over $14-thousand a year.

The paper reports that Mayor Jake Day who is planning to run for re-election in 2019 has hinted he might veto any pay increase.

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It’s now unlawful to smoke or vape in public parks and other publicly own spaces in Salisbury.

WBOC reports that City Council voted this week to bar smoking or vaping within 25 feet of such property.

The television station reports that other places that are off-limits range from the Riverwalk and Salisbury Marina to the Salisbury Zoo and the Government Office Building.

Mayor Jake Day says the new ban is to protect the public health.