Don Rush

In Lewes a new 1.5 mile portion of the Breakwater Junction bike trail has some home owners concerned.

The new addition to the 7.5 mile trail is aimed at making it easier for bicyclists to get to the state’s southern coast.

WBOC reports that a number of homeowners say they are concerned about where the extension begins at Gills Neck Road.

Mary Anne Murray who lives nearby told the station that without a shoulder lane and with the added traffic there is a potential for an accident.

MD Atty Gen. Doug Gansler, ioag.state.us

BALTIMORE (AP) - Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler says Maryland homeowners have received more than $220 million so far from a national mortgage settlement.

Gansler said Wednesday that 2,825 Maryland homeowners received the assistance between March 1 and June 30. The figures are part of an initial progress report.

Maryland's share of the $25 billion national mortgage settlement has been estimated at nearly $1 billion.

The relief includes mortgage modifications, principal reductions, deficiency waivers, refinancing and short sale financial assistance.

The Delaware Attorney General has dropped a deceptive trade practice lawsuit against the Virginia-based Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems.

The settlement with the nationwide electronic mortgage registry was reached after the judge in the case expressed skepticism about the state’s claims against the company’s dismissal arguments during a hearing last May.

The Attorney General’s office had argued that the firm was filled with inaccuracies that raised questions about the rights of homeowners facing foreclosure.

That included who owned the underlying loan.