Great Bay Wind Project

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The Somerset County wind farm project has failed to overcome its next hurdle.

The Somerset County Commissioners have delayed acting after receiving an open letter from the Defense Department objecting to the Great Bay Wind Project.

Commissioner Charles Fisher said he was against the project adding that the county could not fight Washington and the Defense Department.

Commissioner Craig Mathies and Randy Laird voted to delay the request until the county had heard from the Federal Aviation Administration.

There’s another hurdle for the Great Bay Wind Energy project in Somerset County.

The wind turbine effort still has to get approval from the County Commissioners before it gets underway.

In the last legislative session Governor Martin O’Malley vetoed a measure that would have delayed the project for over a year.

After meeting with the county commissioner last Tuesday Commissioner Charles Fisher told WBOC that the board needed more time to come up with an ordinance.

Plans to turn a former Vlasic pickle factory into a chicken processing plant near Millsboro, DE could bring

700 jobs to the area, but it also brings controversy and opposition.

Next, the fate of the Great Bay Wind Project. A measure on MD Gov. O'Malley's desk might delay or even kill the project.


Cindy Wilton and Jay Meyer, with Protecting our Indian River

Rob Arlett, former chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Sussex County Association of Realtors

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All eyes now turn to Governor Martin O'Malley as to whether he will veto the a measure that would delay the wind farm project in Somerset County by another year. Supporters of the project say this would effectively kill it, but opponents say the delay is needed to assess the impact of the wind turbines on the radar at the U.S. Naval Air Station on the Patuxent River. Delmarva Public Radio's Don Rush examines the conflict with Jennifer Shutt, who has been covering the legislative session in Annapolis for the Salisbury Daily Times.

The Maryland legislature is one step closer to block a wind turbine project in Somerset County.

The House of Delegate voted overwhelmingly to impose height restriction on wind turbines at varying distances from the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Southern Maryland.

It now moves to the state Senate.

What’s called the Great Bay wind project in Somerset County would be prohibited from being taller than a few hundred feet.