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FRUITLAND, Md. (AP) - Authorities have identified a body found buried in Fruitland this week, about nine months after investigators believe the victim was killed.
Court records show that Ronnie Glen Mackert of Wicomico County was discovered buried Tuesday between two homes.
Forty-seven-year-old Douglas Harlow of Fruitland has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, improper disposal of a body and other charges.

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An arrest has been made in the case of a body that was found in Fruitland.

After receiving a call about a homicide a body was dug up along South Division Street.

47 year-old Douglas Harlow has been arrest and charged with second degree murder and first degree assault among other counts.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the Maryland State Police took Harlow into custody at 10 p.m. last night.

Authorities dug up a shallow grave where they found the victim who has not yet been identified by authorities pending the notification of relatives.

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Maryland State Police are investigating – what is believed to be – the remains of a body found in a shallow grave in Fruitland.

WBOC reports that neither the identity nor the gender has been made available.

The state police said that Fruitland Police Department was contacted about a possible burial site off the 100 block of South Division Street.

The television station reports that a call came into the Fruitland Police Department around 8 p.m. last night from a concerned citizen about a homicide that occurred around 9 months ago.

Fruitland Police website

Three Wicomico schools were locked down this morning.

The move came after The Red Fox mini mart on Route 13 was robbed according to Fruitland police.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the students and staff at Bennett Middle School, Fruitland Primary School and Fruitland Intermediate School were kept inside the buildings.

Police say there were no injuries from the armed robbery.

Authorities say suspect has been described as a light skinned black male, approximately 5-foot-6, stocky build and wearing dark clothing.

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59 year-old Gregory Sterling has been charged with attempted murder for severing a man’s arm with a machete.

The incident occurred in Fruitland around 7:30 a.m. yesterday when police found Stephen Byrd with cuts across his body.

He was immediately sent to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Byrd identified Sterling as the assailant.

Witnesses at the scene told police that Byrd was covered in blood as he ran towards them while Sterling was seen on the opposite side of the street with a machete.

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Just a reminder that tonight there will be town hall meeting by a medical marijuana company that is looking to locate a facility near Hebron.

The gathering to be held at the Black Diamond Lodge in Fruitland at 7 p.m. will give the firm BioCannatix a chance to lay out its plans and address community concerns.

WBOC reports that organizers say there will be experts on hand.

The facility would grow and process the marijuana under one of the 15 applications that are being offered by the state of Maryland.

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Beware of traffic between Camden Avenue and College Avenue as well as Pine Bluff Road today as around 12-hundred students along with their parents flood the campus of Salisbury University.

The Salisbury University Police warn motorists that this is Move-In Day as the academic term gets underway.

The non-University traffic coming from the Fruitland and Eden areas on Camden Avenue will be rerouted onto route 13 at Dogwood Drive.  

If you’re near the intersection of Camden and College Avenues southbound traffic will also be rerouted to Route 13.


The Maryland Mayors Association will be lobbying in Annapolis for a bill that would give them some tax relief from the counties.

And Mayor Jim Ireton hopes that the legislation will allow him to get as much as $2.2 million in tax relief for a number of country residents.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that a study found the residents of Salisbury is paying for just over $1 million in taxes for service they did not get.

For Fruitland it was just over $98-thousand while for Delmar was $55-thousand.

The legislation would require counties to examine the issue.

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A fire at a home on Poplar Hill Avenue in Salisbury has displaced three people.

Three Salisbury fire companies in addition to those from Fruitland and Delmar responded to blaze which broke out around just before midnight.

WBOC reports that officials say there was heavy smoke coming from the attic area when they showed up.

It took around an hour to contain the fire.

Salisbury officials say that a couple woke up just before midnight and called for help after detecting the smoke.

Another person was asleep on the first floor of the two-story home.

There were several car crashes on Route 13 bypass this morning near Stockyard Road just south of Fruitland.

Police say the northbound lanes saw four single-vehicle accidents.

One involved an Eastern Correctional Institution van with two inmates and two correctional officers inside.

The three other accidents involved cars crashing into a ditch.

There were only minor injuries.

Normal traffic flow resumed around 10 a.m.  

Salisbury Fire Department Website

Mayor Jim Ireton says the Salisbury is not being fairly compensated for the services that its fire department  provides in Wicomico County.

Under the current agreement the department serves over 56 percent of the county population and responds to more than 62% of the service calls.

But, says the Mayor, it does not get equal funding for the amount of work it does.

Ireton wants the new county leaders to take up the issue in the next fiscal year to address of a gap that, he says, amounts to over $2 million which has been paid by the city tax payers.

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Fruitland Police Chief Michael Phillips has fended off charges that he was driving while under the influence of alcohol or driving while impaired.

But he was found guilty of following too closely during an incident in June.

The case was heard by a District Court judge in Princess Anne.

Phillips has maintained his innocence.

He was stopped on the evening of June 29th while heading north on U.S. Route 13 near Somerset Avenue outside of Princess Anne.

Phillips was placed on paid administrative leave in late June.

Fruitland City council President Richard Lee Outen is resigning because he decided to buy a home outside the city limits.

Elected officials must live inside the town.

But in a statement last week he said he would continue to offer input and attend the last few meetings from “the other side of the table.”

Outen’s seat is one of three that are up for election in the next four months and will be filled then.

He was in his first term on the council after he was elected four years ago.

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The Maryland Board of Public Works has authorized $1.2 million for wastewater treatment plant upgrades for the towns of Salisbury and Fruitland.

The funding is part of the 2000 Chesapeake Bay Agreement signed by five states including Maryland to clean up the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries such as the Wicomico River.

Salisbury got $1 million for designing improvements to fix an earlier upgrade that did not meet pollution control standards.

Plans for a transfer trash station in Fruitland would move it from the original proposed location.

It could now be going a bit further down the road to Walnut Tree Road just south of Upper Ferry Road.

There has been a search since November when a group of residents appealed to the Wicomico County Council decided not to approve plans for the transfer station.

Residents complained that it would decrease property values and expressed concern about noise and trash and dust on their lawns.

The city of Fruitland is ending its contract with RedSpeed USA that has provide the municipality with speed cameras.

The City Council this week gave the company a 60 days’ notice.

Two years ago the town hired the company to monitor the traffic in the area of the Fruitland Intermediate School.

Fruitland Police Chief Mike Phillips says that the current system has not been able to get feedback on trouble areas in the city.

The town may look to the Maryland based Brekford Corporation to pick up the job.



            Ocean View has hired a new town manager.

            His name is Rick Konrad.

            And he is currently town manager for the city of Fruitland.

            He has been offered a 3-year term at a salary of $72-thousand with a start date of April 16th.

            He came to Fruitland two years ago…after serving as head of the Parks Division in Norfolk, Virginia.

            But he is not a new comer to the area.

            Before that he spent seven years as superintendent of parks for Wicomico County.  


     Wicomico County has become a big hit for businesses settling in the local enterprise zones.

     The program rewards employers with property tax breaks in exchange for investment and job growth.

     Program manager Mark Vulcan told the Salisbury Daily Times that the city has seen $25.3 million in new investment with 704 additional jobs.