female blue crab


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - A report from the Chesapeake Bay Stock Assessment Committee shows the blue crab population in the bay has grown, but still hasn't met target levels.

Media outlets report the 2016 Bay Blue Crab Advisory Report found the overall population of blue crabs in the bay has grown from 411 million in 2015 to 533 million this year.

The amount of female blue crabs had decreased in recent years. This year, there were 194 spawning-age female crabs in the bay, compared with 101 million in 2015. However, the target for 2016 was 215 million.


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (AP) - Marine officials in Virginia are weighing plans to reduce the harvest of female blue crabs.

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission will take public comment Tuesday on a proposal to reduce the harvest of female blue crabs by 10 percent over the next year beginning July 5.

Officials say the move would help increase spawning potential and help reverse the depleted condition of female blue crabs.