excise tax

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The Dorchester County Council has voted yesterday to lift the county’s excise tax over the next two years.

An excise tax is collected when a developer prepares for construction on an undeveloped lot.

And that fee can amount to over $3-thousand.

It is part of a deal with the local municipalities would temporarily suspend the application of impact fees.

But Dorchester County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Henry Wagner says that the reduction in funding could create problems for the district’s plans to build a new North Dorchester High School.


CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) - A state wildlife agency will get $1 million in federal funds from an excise tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Paul Peditto, director of the Maryland Wildlife & Heritage Service, tells The Times-News of Cumberland that record firearms sales in the state the first nine months of 2013 means the service will get a 10 percent increase in its total budget.

The Maryland’s vessel excise tax of 5 percent of a boat’s value could be driving owners to other states like Delaware.

Brokers say that purchases lag in the state because residents go to tax-free Delaware or Virginia where the rate is only 2 percent with a $2-thousand cap.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the excise tax is becoming a key issue for the boating industry with some saying that it’s why Maryland did not enjoy a rebound in boat sales last year.

Maryland sales fell from $183 million in 2010 to $162 million last year.