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The battle over a major shopping center known as the Gills Neck Village Center near Lewes has finally come to an end.

The developer has agreed to cut the proposed project from 215-thousand square feet down to 75-thousand square feet.

In addition it will forego a zoning request for intense for intense commercial use and instead accept a B 1 rezoning for 8 acres.  

The Wilmington News Journal reports that this will also mean that the developer will not place a YMCA and a community theater next to the shopping center.

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There is a proposal to expand the medical marijuana law in Delaware that would allow those under the age of 18 to get low THC oil.

State Senator Ernie Lopez is now pushing to change the current law that only allows adults with a medical card to obtain the drug.

WBOC spoke with the parents of 9 year old Ryley Maedler from Rehoboth Beach who said they want the choice of obtaining the medical marijuana for their child.

They said they have tried other medications to help Ryley who had major survey for bone tumors whose complications have led to seizures.

State of Delaware

The explosion in the come-here population could be the key to who wins the 6th state Senate seat in Delaware.

The district covers the coastal resorts like Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach and Lewes as well as inland towns like Milton and Harbeson.

A Wilmington News Journal analysis finds that voters are far different than the rest of Sussex County.

It has more retires, fewer farmers and mostly wealthier households.