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Crisfield says no to rezoning for the company CleanBay Renewables to buy the Carvel Hall property on Route 413.

City Manager Rick Pollitt told the Salisbury Daily Times that the 3-to-2 vote against zoning amendment was not unexpected.

The paper reports that it was an emotional vote with a larger than normal crowd showing up for the meeting that was moved to the Crisfield High School auditorium.  

The facility would have recycled chicken manure to produce fertilizer and electricity.

The public comments expressed concern about contamination and taxes.


Delaware Electric Cooperative has restored power to most of its members after last night’s storm put nearly 2-thousand homes in the dark.

WBOC reports that they worked all night to do so even as the storm damaged several of the buildings at the cooperative’s headquarters.

The structures held electrical equipment.

Two trailers were also reported to have been blown over.

No injuries were reported.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Dominion Energy overcharged some of its commercial customers by not properly reading their meters, and the electric utility says it doesn't know how far back the problem may go.

The company recently filed a motion with state regulators saying it may have overcharged 24,000 commercial customers between 2013 and 2016 because Dominion's meter readers were not resetting meters each month to track peak demand. Commercial customers are charged monthly both based on how much electricity they use and their highest demand for electricity.


It’s getting hot.

But PJM Interconnection which is responsible for the electric grid in more than a dozen states says don’t worry they will be able to handle power demands this summer.

During a news conference at their headquarters in Norristown, Pennsylvania the company which serves 65 million people said they expect a peak demand of 153-thousand megawatts of electricity this summer.

That’s just above the nearly 152-thousand megawatts last year.

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - The Virginia Supreme Court is set to hold a hearing on whether a law temporarily banning state regulators from adjusting a portion of electric rates is constitutional.

A group of large industrial electric customers is challenging the 2015 law, which critics have called a costly giveaway to electric monopolies Dominion Resources and Appalachian Power.

The law is costing a typical Dominion residential customer an extra $68 a year on their bill, according to one group's calculations.


PJM has decided to move ahead with the power line project connecting the Artificial Island nuclear power plant with the Red Lion substation that will bring electricity to New Jersey and Delaware.

But the company’s board also voted to get more information on how to allocate the cost of the project.

Delaware officials complained that the state’s residents will pay for 90% of the project but only receive 10% of its benefits.

The company says Delaware customers would only get hit with 60% of the cost.


A vote on the PJM power line project is set for this Thursday.

If approved Delaware electricity customers will be facing an extra $2 to $4 a month over the next 40 years on their bill.

The plan is to build a transmission line that would tie the Artificial Island nuclear power plant in New Jersey to a Red Lion substation.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that the vote by the PJM board of directors will take place behind closed doors in Audobon, Pennsylvania.

The results will be made public afterward.

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A lawsuit has been filed in the deaths of an eight member family in Princess Anne from carbon monoxide poisoning.

In 2015 Rodney Todd and his seven children died at their home after using a generator when their electricity was turned off by Delmarva Power.

Authorities ruled their deaths an accident.

Todd’s ex-wife and mother filed suit against the power company in U.S. District Court on behalf of the family and the estate.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that they are seeking punitive damages but not amount has not been specified.

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Delmarva Power will be upping its customers’ electric bills by $10.40 a month or a 7 percent increase.

The hike was approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission.

The increase is effective February 15th.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Delmarva Power says it needed the money to help pay for $330 million it laid out for upgrades it carried out from 2012 to 2015.

The power company had sought $66 million from the commission last year but wound up with $38 million from the hike this year. 

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A Virginia Senate committee has voted down legislation supporters say would cut electric rates.

The Senate's Commerce and Labor Committee voted Monday to scuttle a bill by Sen. Chap Petersen to undo a 2015 law and revive the state's ability to lower the base rates of electric monopolies.

Virginia temporarily suspended its ability in 2015 to adjust the base rates of Dominion Virginia Power and Appalachian Power over concerns of carbon emission regulations.