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Seven members of Delaware’s medical relief team have arrived in Nepal.

They will be delivering medical supplies and treating patients as the country attempts to emerge from the devastating earthquake that has left more than 79-hundred dead.

Another 17-thousand were injured when two weeks ago the quake hit the mountainous region.

The Wilmington news Journal reports that as many as 800-thousand are without homes.


WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Doctors, nurses, paramedics and logistics experts with the Delaware Medical Relief Team are headed to Nepal to help victims of last week's magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

The Wilmington News Journal reports a first wave of more than 15 volunteers is expected to arrive in Nepal on Thursday.

There was no earthquake yesterday despite what residents felt in coastal Sussex County and nearby Ocean City, Maryland.

It was more likely a sonic boom caused by an aircraft.

The Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory and Cooperative Seismography Network examined seismographs with one in Lewes and did not find evidence of such a quake.   

Joe Thomas, director of the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, told the Wilmington News Journal that residents in Millville, Ocean View and Millsboro reported a shaking and rumbling.