Dover Air Force Base

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8:41 am
Wed August 27, 2014

Nearly a $100 Million Upgrade for Dover Air Force Base Runways

Dover Air Force Base
Credit Dover Air Force Base Website

The runways at Dover Air Force Base will be getting a $98 million makeover in the next two years.

The massive project will force military officials to relocate the base’s 18 C-5M cargo jets starting next summer.

Solid concrete, which can be as thick at 15 inches, will replace concrete and asphalt.

At the height of the project some 100 to 120 workers are expected to be involved.

New lights and navigation aids for the flyers are expected to be added to the shorter runway while an old underground fuel line that runs under the runway is set to be relocated.

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11:47 am
Thu August 7, 2014

The Body of Major General Harold Greene Returns Home

Credit Don Rush

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The body of a two-star general killed in an Afghan "insider attack" has arrived at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

A C-17 cargo plane carrying the body of 55-year-old Maj. Gen. Harold Greene landed Thursday morning at Dover, home to the nation's largest military mortuary.

White-gloved soldiers solemnly carried a flag-draped metal case with Greene's remains to a waiting mortuary vehicle as Army officials and other dignitaries saluted.

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8:12 am
Fri July 18, 2014

Less Costly Way to Modernize Cargo Planes at Dover Air Base

Credit Air Force

WASHINGTON (AP) - Delaware Congressman John Carney has introduced a bill that would make it less expensive to modernize the fleet of C-130H cargo planes at Dover Air Force Base.

Carney, a Democrat, notes that the Delaware Air National Guard's flying mission could end in 2020 unless the planes are upgraded and modernized. That's when the current fleet will be inoperable because of federal and international safety regulations.

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11:47 am
Thu June 26, 2014

Sounds of Explosions Heard From Dover Air Force Base


DOVER, Del. (AP) - Dover Air Force Base officials are warning nearby residents that a civil engineer squadron will be conducting training for demolition of explosives.

Officials say the an explosive ordnance disposal flight team is scheduled to conduct demolitions training Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As a result of the training, officials say some residents may hear more noise than usual coming from the base's training range. Residents may also notice possible ground shaking.

Base officials say the noise may travel farther during overcast weather conditions.

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7:35 am
Mon June 23, 2014

Dover Air Force Base Joins Delaware's Library System


DOVER, Del. (AP) - State officials are signing a memorandum of understanding that will join the Dover Air Force Library with Delaware's library system.

Gov. Jack Markell planned to be on hand Monday for the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Delaware Division of Libraries and Delaware Library Catalog Consortium.

Dover base vice commander Col. Kevin Gordon also was to join local officials and State Librarian Dr. Annie Norman for the event.

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9:25 am
Thu April 24, 2014

Explosions from Training Exercises Could Be Heard In Dover


DOVER, Del. (AP) - Officials at Dover Air Force base say nearby residents may hear more noise than usual during demolitions training.

The 436th Civil Engineer Squadron's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Flight will conduct the training Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Officials say residents may hear noise and may experience ground shaking. Noise from the range can travel farther if the weather is overcast.

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2:19 pm
Wed March 12, 2014

Budget Restructuring Could Impact Dover Air Force Base

C-5M Super Galaxy
Credit DAFB

Dover Air Force Base could lose as many as four C-5 cargo jets along with needed service personnel under structural changes proposed by the Air Force.  

In addition, the Air Force would cancel the plan to bring an active-duty C-130 squadron to the New Castle National Guard base next year.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that could indicate that the Air Force is not planning to upgrade the Guard’s eight aging C-130 cargo aircraft which have become obsolete.

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10:47 am
Fri November 15, 2013

Demolition Training At Dover Air Force Base Today

Credit freelcipartnow

DOVER, Del. (AP) - The Air Force is warning neighbors of Dover Air Force Base that members of the explosive ordinance disposal flight are scheduled to conduct demolition training.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that training is set to take place at the base on Friday afternoon.

Area residents may hear more noise than usual from the training range and may experience the ground shaking. Officials say noise from the range may travel farther than usual because of the overcast weather.

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10:57 am
Thu October 10, 2013

Defense Secretary Travels to Dover to Meet Body of Fallen Soldier

Credit Don Rush

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel traveled to Dover Air Force Base for the arrival of the remains of four U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Joining Hagel on the trip from Washington on Wednesday were Army Secretary John McHugh and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno.

The remains of every U.S. military member killed overseas are flown to Dover for processing. Family members often attend the arrivals, but high-ranking Pentagon officials usually do not.

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9:21 am
Wed October 9, 2013

Government Shutdown Hits the Military Families of the Fallen

Credit creative commons wikimedia

Families of the fallen are now being forced to pay their own way or find unofficial help from generous donors to make the trip to Dover Air Force Base to meet their loved ones who have died in the service of their country.

In addition, they are not being paid the $100-thousand tax-free lump sum meant to help pay for the sudden loss of income, funeral expenses and other unexpected needs.

All of this comes as the result of the government shutdown.

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9:36 am
Mon October 7, 2013

Civilian Workers Returning to Dover Air Force Base and National Guard

Dover Air Force Base
Credit Dover Air Force Base website

Most of the 869 federal civilians who were furloughed by the military in Delaware last week are coming back to work.

All of the 500 furloughed workers at Dover Air Force base are back on duty.

And, the Delaware National Guard says there’s another 340 employees around the state who were being notified that they should return to work.

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10:29 am
Fri August 16, 2013

Dover Air Force Base: Site for Two 911 Beams From WTC

Steel Beams from World Trade Center
Credit DAFB Museum

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (AP) - Two beams from the World Trade Center's north tower will soon be part of a 9/11 memorial at Dover Air Force Base.

Officials broke ground Thursday for the memorial at the Air Mobility Command Museum. The steel beams will form a V-shape pointed toward New York City on a compass base that will also point toward crash sites at the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pa. A stone from Shanksville will be incorporated into the memorial.

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9:16 am
Wed August 7, 2013

Historic C-5A Becomes Part of Dover Air Force Base Museum

C5-A aircraft
Credit Air Force Mobility Museum website

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A historic military plane will make its final landing at Dover Air Force Base.

The Tennessee Air National Guard's 164th Airlift Wing is set to deliver the C-5A on Wednesday.

The Air Mobility Command Museum says the aircraft will be part of the organization's collection. The museum says it is the only plane to successfully launch an intercontinental ballistic missile in flight. While the test over the Pacific Ocean was a success, the tactic was not pursued.

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7:57 am
Wed May 22, 2013

Explosion in New Castle From Old Mortar Round


NEW CASTLE, Del. (AP) - Authorities say an explosion that left a New Castle man critically injured Tuesday appeared to involve an old military mortar round, and several other mortar rounds were recovered afterward.

Investigators said the man was injured when he an opened an old ammunition container that had been discarded in his neighbor's trash, setting off the explosion Tuesday morning. The victim was taken to Christiana Hospital, where he was reported to be in critical but stable condition.

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9:51 am
Tue April 16, 2013

Dover Residents Might Feel Demolition Training at Airbase

Dover Air force Base

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, Del. (AP) - Dover Air Force Base officials say residents may feel the ground shake during demolition training scheduled at the base's training range.

Base officials say the training is scheduled Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Residents who live near the base may hear more noise than usual from the range and also feel the ground shake. Base officials say noise from the range can travel farther during overcast weather conditions.

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9:27 am
Thu April 11, 2013

Delaware to Study Wetlands in Private Property

Great Blew Heron, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
Credit Tim Williams / Bombay Hoot National Wildlife Refuge

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware state officials say they are contacting property owners for permission to study wetlands on their property.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says it will be continuing a wetlands study this summer in the Leipsic and Little Creek watersheds. The study is designed to confirm maps of the wetlands and determine their health.

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9:05 am
Thu January 31, 2013

DAFB to Carry Out Demolition Exercises

Dover Air Force Base

This Friday between 8 am and 2 pm the residents of Dover could feel the ground shake.

But it’s only demolition training that is scheduled at nearby Dover Air Force Base in Kent County.

Military officials say that if the weather is overcast the sound tends to travel further.

Radio station WDEL says that just two weeks ago when the base conducted munitions training many residents panicked and the Kent Count 911 center got

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8:36 am
Mon January 28, 2013

Dover Air Force Base Faces Tight Budget

There’s a budget squeeze on at Dover Air Force Base.

Earlier this month the Pentagon ordered several belt-tightening measures including to incrementally fund contracts.

In addition there will be no open house or air show this year.

Civilian manning, maintenance and flight training hours could also be affected.

Last week the base canceled its participation in the annual gathering of students in a Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce leadership course.

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8:56 am
Thu January 24, 2013

Active Unit to Join Delaware Air National Guard

An active duty C-130 squadron could be coming to the Air National Guard base near New Castle by the fall of 2015.

Air force officials have not yet identified a specific unit…which would have around 150 airmen.

It would share the Air Guard’s plans and equipment and the Air Guard’s missions would take priority.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that combining reserve and active units has been done in some 100 associations around the county in an attempt to make the best use of resources in these tight budgetary times.

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9:22 am
Mon January 14, 2013

Plane Crash in Dover

DOVER, Del. (AP) - State police say a pilot was killed when a single-engine airplane crashed in Dover.

The wreckage of the aircraft was found Sunday night on White Oak Road, more than two hours after it was reported missing. The pilot and sole occupant was dead at the scene.

Police say the fixed-wing plane vanished off radar after an emergency call was placed to the control tower at Dover Air Force Base.

The Federal Aviation Administration will investigate the crash.

9:36 am
Thu November 15, 2012

Security Exercise at Dover Air Force Base

Dover Air Force Base

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Officials at Dover Air Force Base are conducting a security threat exercise involving the scenario of an active shooter on the grounds of the Dover military installation.

Officials with the 436th Airlift Wing said Thursday's exercise will be conducted within the base and its training areas and will involve all base personnel.

They also say base visitors could be treated as participants, and that residents and guests should expect delays of customer service and possible gate closures.

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3:53 pm
Mon September 17, 2012

Bodies of four Americans Killed in Libya Arrive at Dover Air Force Base

USA Flag,

The bodies of the US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other Americans have arrived at the Dover Air Force Base mortuary.

Military officials said today that they arrived on Friday after coming from Andrews Air force base outside Washington DC where President Obama led a public tribute.

The other victims included Sean Smith, an Air force veteran who work as an information management specialist for the State Department and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyron Woods, who provided protection for diplomatic personnel.

8:24 am
Mon August 20, 2012

Dover Air Force Base Conducts Emergency Response Exercise

DOVER, Del. (AP) - Officials at Dover Air Force are conducting a three-day exercise to test their emergency response capabilities.

The exercise to test the 436th Airlift Wing's ability to respond to a major accident begins Monday.

The exercise will be conducted within the base and its training areas but will include local law enforcement and emergency management teams.

Officials say all base personnel will participate and that visitors could be treated as participants as well.

8:48 am
Thu May 31, 2012

NASCAR Drivers to Visit Dover Air Force Base

 DOVER, Del. (AP) - NASCAR drivers gathering for this weekend's races at Dover Downs will be spending some down time at Dover Air Force Base, just down the road.

Air Force officials are inviting drivers from all three NASCAR racing series to various events at the base this week.

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8:45 am
Tue February 14, 2012

Dover Air Force Base Spare Budget Axe


            Delaware appears to have been spared the budget axe in Washington.

            The President’s budget proposal does not suggest any cuts in aircraft or units…and calls for spending a modest amount for construction on Dover Air Force base family housing.

            In addition…the Wilmington News Journal reports…that there should be money for an Army National Guard training facility in Bethany beach.

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