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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) -- Rehoboth Beach and neighboring Dewey Beach are getting an $11 million infusion of sand as a part of a beach restoration project.

The sand infusion is a part of a long-term, federal beach restoration contract with the state. Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Stephen Rochette says dredge crews are completing a beach restoration project at Long Beach Island in New Jersey.


DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) – The driver who rammed into a popular Dewey Beach restaurant causing severe damaged and a fire has been charged with driving under the influence.

State Fire Marshal's Office spokesman Harry Miller says 36 year old Michelle Small of Wyoming, Delaware apparently lost control and crashed into Ed's Chicken & Crabs early Tuesday. The business was closed at the time and no injuries were reported.

Small, who was not injured, was pulled from the wreckage by Dewey Beach police officers before the building became engulfed in flames

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BETHANY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Delaware officials have issued a water quality advisory for Bethany Beach and Dewey Beach at Dagsworthy Street.

Media outlets report that the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control issued the advisory for Wednesday and Thursday, citing bacteria levels above the recreational water quality standard. Officials say the elevated bacteria levels are likely due to increased rainfall.

The state issues advisories when samples test positive for excess bacteria, but it doesn't close beaches or swimming areas.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Four Dewey Beach police officers were injured after responding to a fight at a restaurant parking lot.

The Dewey Beach Police Department says in a news release that the incident began Sunday morning after a Dewey Beach officer witnessed 10 to 15 people fighting at the parking lot. Police say the officer tried to intervene before calling for assistance.

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Dewey Beach has decided to regulate ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft as it does regular taxi services.

This month the Town Council gave a unanimous approval to a measure that would require Uber and Lyft drivers to get a business license to operate in the resort.

Mayor Diane Hanson told WBOC that this would create a level playing field and keep the ridesharing services from skimming “the cream of the crop”.

She said they come in on weekends and during the summer season taking money away from the regular taxi services.

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) - Some coastal Sussex County towns are concerned about pedestrian safety on Route 1.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports while 2015 didn't see any pedestrian fatalities, some residents and officials in the towns along the Route 1 corridor are still worried that not enough is being done to prevent them.

Both Dewey Beach and South Bethany town officials are discussing ongoing issues with traffic on Route 1, which becomes one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the county in the summer.

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Uber and Lyft could be coming to Dewey Beach.

But the traditional transportation companies are balking at the idea.

This year the state of Delaware laid out regulations for these new forms of transportation.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that during one town meeting taxicab companies complained that as a heavily regulated industry that requires a business license they are at a disadvantage with ride-share firms.

The serves of taxicabs, limousines and pedi-cabs now pay a base fee of $109 for the license.

Rehoboth Film Society

The Rehoboth Film festival could eventually have a new permanent home after the Midway along

Delaware Route 1 decided it could no longer host the event.

The Film Society plans on opening the Cinema Art House at Dartmouth Plaza in Lewes in mid-January.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that a $500-thousand theater will offer features ranging from digital projection and multi-purpose screening to tiered seating.

Sue Early, the festival’s executive director, told the paper that there will be mini-festivals and themed programs.

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Uber and Dewey Beach may not mix.

After Delaware legalized the right of the car-for-hire service rumors were heard that their drivers had been harassed by Dewey Beach police.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that they were threatened with $535 fine for not possessing a local business license.

The paper reports that authorities have issued 18 tickets but they have all been dismissed.

All other cab and transportation services must come up with money for a $109 business license.

Uber makes use of smartphones to bring customers and drivers together.

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A swimmer was rescued from an unguarded area near Rehoboth and Dewey Beach.

The Delaware’s Natural Resources Police with the help of a Delaware state police helicopter located the swimmer and took him to safety.

The swimmer had drifted a half mile from the shore line to the southern Dewey Beach.

The state police told WBOC that the outgoing tide along with a strong south wind pushed the swimmer from the shoreline.

State officials said that the waters along the coast line are strong with tidal or rip currents that can pull a swimmer out to sea. 

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Police say a 50-year-old California man has died at Dewey Beach in a drowning or diving death.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Some Dewey Beach residents are accusing town officials of bending the rules in a land deal that could expand Town Hall.

The News Journal reports three property owners filed a complaint with the Delaware Department of Justice over Dewey Beach's purchase of two lots along Coastal Highway for $875,000.

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A Freedom of Information Act complaint has been filed with the Delaware state Attorney General’s Office against the town of Dewey Beach.

Around a dozen property owners say they are not happy with how the resort cut a deal for a contingency contract to buy two properties along Coastal Highway.

The complaint was filed on February 13th and includes former Commissioner Joy Howell.

It wants to know how the decision was made to expand the town offices on properties next to town hall.

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Dewey Beach says it may give up its right to 3-thousand square feet of space in the Lighthouse Cove project.

Under a proposed amendment to the agreement with the developers the city would give it up in exchange for $360-thousand.

It was supposed to have been used for office space.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Town Manager Marc Appelbaum says the town wants to keep its police and town hall in the same building.   

The money would have to be paid in full by the end of June in 2017 or by the expiration of the building permit whichever comes first.

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The Dewey Beach Patrol is asking beachgoers next year to leave their inflatable novelty items at home.

During an October 11 town meeting the town council considered a proposed amendment to the zoning code on what constitutes adult novelty items.

The measure was not sent to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission because the resort’s current code would bar the display of indecent items under its disorderly conduct provision.

There were two incidents earlier this summer where some inappropriate items were brought to the beach,

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REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (AP) - Free parking has returned to Delaware's beach towns as summer comes to a close, but city officials say parking revenue was generally up this year.

Parking revenue was up in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Bethany Beach but was down in Dewey Beach.

In Rehoboth, more people were using the Parkmobile smartphone app to pay for parking. City manager Sharon Lynn says the number of transactions increased 26 percent this year. The city also saw a 2 percent increase in revenue from parking meters.

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32-year old Michael Brown says that he and several others were turned away from Northbeach bar in Dewey Beach bar because of his race.

He claims that he was told the owner was trying to “not let any black males in tonight.”

Brown adds that when he looked around there were other African American men who also being denied entry.

He said that a few weeks before he had gotten into the Northbeach bar and had a good time.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - A Delaware shop owner has lost his free speech fight over the decor of a beach store.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark has ruled the store's owner wasn't persuasive in claiming Dewey Beach overstepped in repeatedly issuing fines over decorations.

Jason Fruchtman, the owner of Jeremiah's, had contended that regulating his store's appearance just because town officials thought it was ugly infringed on commercial free speech.

Dewey Beach is worried about the drop in seasonal police applicants.

Sergeant Cliff Dempsey with the Dewey Beach Police Department told WMDT that the number of applicants has declined over the years.

He suggested that the pay and economy could be having an impact.

They have the 20 officers that they need this summer.

But Sergeant Dempsey says the department is concerned about the coming years if the numbers decline.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Delaware's beaches have ranked first in water quality out of 30 states, and Dewey Beach is among the best.

The new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council found just 3 percent of water samples exceeded the national "Beach Action Value" for 24 beach areas in 2013. Dewey Beach is listed as a "superstar" beach for its water quality over several years.

Maryland's beaches ranked fourth in beach water quality out of 30 states. The state's "superstars" were listed as Point Lookout State Park and Assateague State Park.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - The state House is set to vote on bill clarifying the ability of Delaware municipalities to raise taxes.

The bill to be voted on Tuesday makes clear that a municipality cannot impose a tax unless that tax is expressly authorized by the General Assembly in approving the local government's charter.

The bill was prompted by issues in Dewey Beach, which was the target of a lawsuit last year claiming that its business license fees exceed the cost of administering the business licenses, and thus amounted to unauthorized taxes.

DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - The Delaware shore town of Dewey Beach plans to install eight new security cameras as early as Christmas.

Len Read, co-chair of the town's public safety task force, says the cameras are a "preventative measure more than anything."

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports the town council voted to spend nearly $100,000 for a camera system.

Police Chief Sam Mackert says a state law enforcement grant, a donation from Springbank Foundation and surplus revenue from the Winter Gala are also helping cover the cost.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - A new town commissioner in Dewey Beach is resigning after less than two months in office.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that Commissioner Ellen Danaher cited health concerns in a letter to commissioners released this month.

Mayor Diane Hanson says there is no deadline to fill the seat. The interim council member would fill an almost two-year term. Hanson says the council will likely not have a decision until the new year.

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Governor Jack Markell will be in Dewey Beach for the grand-opening of a Hyatt Place.

But it will be against the backdrop of litigation and negotiations over the height of the building which exceeds the city’s normal 35-foot height limit by 11 feet.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that opponents say they’re concerned about keeping the coastal skyline from becoming like that of Ocean City.

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There will be no referendum on a gross receipts tax in September for the residents of Dewey Beach.

The town council made the decision on Friday after a heated public hearing.

The City Council’s Budget and Finance committee member Mike Dunmyer said that he regretted the proposal calling it a mistake that would have left residents in the town worse off.

WDEL reports that the proposal was an effort to deal with the financial challenges the resort is facing.

A camera surveillance system is coming to Dewey Beach to monitor activity on Route 1 during the summer months.

Town officials tell WBOC that police will use the cameras to increase their awareness and record video when necessary to reduce crime.

The 8 cameras will be able to pan and zoom from a control room at the Dewey Beach Police Department.

The cost is not expected to be more than $95-thousand.

Half the money will come from grants and donations while the town comes up with the rest.

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The Delaware Supreme Court says Dewey Beach Mayor Diane Hanson did not act unethically in casting a vote on the Ruddertowne redevelopment project.

The state's Public Integrity Commission had found that Hanson acted improperly because she owned rental property in the city.

In a one-page order, the Supreme Court said it agreed with a lower court's ruling that had cleared Hanson.

A Superior Court judge reversed the ruling last year, and the commission appealed the judge’s ruling to the Supreme Court.

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DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Dewey Beach is starting to enforce a new beach smoking ban, but town lifeguards are taking a soft approach.

The Dewey Beach Patrol says everyone being warned that smoking is prohibited is putting out their cigarettes without an issue. The lifeguards are letting violators off the hook with a warning, instructing them to smoke on the street rather than on the beach.

Dewey Town Manager Marc Appelbaum tells WBOC-TV that smoking ban signs have been ordered and should arrive within the next week.

The Dewey Beach Town Council has decided to delay the decision on whether or not to buy surveillance cameras for the resort until their June 14th session.

There is a proposal to put up 8 surveillance cameras in the downtown area…to deter crime.

The plan would cost around $100-thousand.

Marc Appelbaum, the town manager told the Salisbury Daily Times, that there were some technical and cost questions the council wanted to pursue.

The cameras were suggested by the Dewey Beach Public Safety Task Force earlier this year.

DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Dewey Beach officials are moving toward banning smoking on the town's beaches and in municipal parks.

The Daily Times of Salisbury reports that the Town Council decided Saturday to draft an amendment to the municipal code that would ban smoking in those locations. The town manager will draft the language, which should be ready for a vote before the May council meeting.