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WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) - Transportation officials say Delaware residents should expect delays due to lane closures on the I-495 bridge over the Christiana River this week.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that DelDOT contractors will close two northbound lanes on the bridge from Monday evening until Wednesday afternoon to conduct repairs. The lanes will remain closed each day from 7 p.m. to 3 p.m.

The newspaper reports that one lane will be open while the work is being done. All lanes will reopen Wednesday afternoon.

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Delaware’s U.S. Route 301 toll road is about to get an infusion of federal cash.

The Department of Transportation signed off on a loan from the Federal Highway Administration that would allow for private credit markets to provide funding for state infrastructure.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that its part of $470 million for construction of an expressway that would run through the Middletown area.

The paper reports that the loan comes on the heels of an announcement that DelDOT has come up with private investors to finance $212.5 million worth of bonds.

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The summer is gone and now it’s time to begin work on the Delaware Route 1 overpass in Kent County.

Officials held meeting with the public this week to discuss the impact of the $40 million project located between Magnolia and Frederica.

WBOC reports that the work which begins in October will more than likely produce backups Friday through Sunday.

The hope of transportation officials is that it will eliminate two traffic signals that include one at Bowers Beach Road.

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Fees for oversized vehicle permits are going up in Delaware.

The Delaware Department of Transportation will double the price for oversize permits and will triple the superloads in October.

They are expected to bring in $1.5 million.

WBOC reports that the funds will go to repair roads damaged by large trucks as well maintenance.

None of the funds will go toward new projects.

Other DMV fee hikes and toll increases will cover paving and repairing roads as well as some projects that have been delayed.

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The Delaware Department of Transportation says it plans to spend most of the $55 million allocated by the state legislature on fixing bridges and repairing roads next year.

DelDOT Secretary Jennifer Cohan said that the money will help fill a six-year $180 million shortfall.

The Wilmington News Journal reports that almost all of the money approved by the state legislature came from 13 vehicle fees along with $25 million in bonds.

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The Delaware Department of Transportation is seeking to get some of the $43 million it spent to repair the I-495 bridge back from those response for the damage to the pilings.

DelDOT officials say that the Alma Properties LLC, Port Contractors and owners of Keogh Contracting will be the main subjects of the financial recovery effort.

In early June state official closed the I-495 Bridge over the Christina River because they had discovered that the span was tilting as a result of the pilings underneath.

NEWARK, Del. (AP) - Delaware officials are extending their special patrols looking out for truckers trying to dodge tolls on Interstate 95 at the Maryland line.

The Delaware Department of Transportation says some truckers illegally divert their vehicles onto Newark-area roads that aren't designed for heavy trucks in an effort to avoid the toll.

For the last three months, Newark and Delaware State Police have conducted special patrols and issued citations to truckers improperly driving on roads marked for local deliveries only.

The Delaware Department of Transportation plans to accelerate the repair work on the I-95 bridge over the Brandywine in Wilmington.

Barry Benton with the bridge department told the Wilmington News Journal that the increased traffic from the I-495 has had its effect on the bridge decking.

The department expects work on the bridge to begin within the next two years.

It will involve replacement of the six-lane concrete deck and barrier walls as well as repairs for cracks in the concrete piers.

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Delaware Transportation Secretary Shailen Bhatt is leaving his post after nearly 4 years to head up the Colorado Department of Transportation.

He will take over the position in mid-February.

Bhatt told the Wilmington News Journal that he wanted to deal with the revenue package for DelDOT before he leaves the agency.

Governor Jack Markell has nominated Jennifer Cohan, head of the Division of Motor Vehicles, to take over the job.

Cohan has managed nearly all of the agency’s divisions when vacancies came up while still running the DMV.

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With temperatures dropping the Delaware Department of Transportation has canceled planned road closures at I-95 and U.S. 202.

That includes the full closure of northbound I-95 this weekend.

State officials say that the contractor Mumford & Miller Concrete Incorporated decided yesterday to delay the work until after the winter months.  

It’s part of a three year major repaving project at the interchange .

The work was delayed earlier this year when the I-495 Bridge over the Christina River in Wilmington was shut down because of damage to its pilings.