Deal Island

If you had losses from Hurricane Sandy in Somerset County and are hoping to get some federal relief midnight tonight is the deadline to get your application in.

Residents are recommended to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency by phone or go on line to get an identification number.

Ron Roth of FEMA told the Salisbury Daily Times that about a dozen people have filed in the last two weeks…after the original February 12th deadline was extended to the 26th.

usps logo

The residents of Deal Island are trying to figure out how to deal with the decision to cut the hours at their local post office in half.

The postal service intends to set a schedule by next week.

During a meet this week postal regional manager Bryan Landry said the new hours would keep the facility open between 8 am through noon on weekday and from 8 to 11 am on Saturdays.

In addition, he said there was a search on for business or residents interested in contracting with the Village Post Office.