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The Dover City Council has decided it wants to give its mayor less power not more.

Two weeks ago the council had decided to give the Mayor more authority.

But during last night’s meeting the council president David Bonar said the panel was just trying to fix a mistake it made two weeks ago.

It had voted 5-to-2 to have most of the city departments report directly to the city manager who would in turn the mayor.

But last night the council voted to have the city manager report to the city council with most departments reporting to the city council.


DOVER, Del. (AP) - A specialized pedestrian traffic light outside the new Dover High School has some city council members concerned.

At a council meeting Monday night, President David Bonar and other members told a Delaware Department of Transportation official they would have preferred a full traffic signal to ensure safety of students who need to cross Del. Route 8.

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Last month’s resignation of Mayor Carleton Carey in Dover may have resulted from pressure to leave office after complaints about the way he went about appointing the new police chief Paul Bernat.

WBOC reports that City Council President David Bonar and who is now acting Mayor said a week after the appointment five officers – including two captains and three lieutenants filed a reverse discrimination case.

Bonar said that the complained that Bernat chose Martin Mailey to be  chosen second in command because he was African American and the officers were not.