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The Shorebilly trademark is safe.

A U.S. federal judge found in favor of the defendant and owner of the former Shorebill Brewing Company in a lawsuit filed by a West Ocean City couple.

The judge rejected the Boardwalk couple’s claims that it was a trademark infringement ruling that the couple’s trademark had been obtained fraudulently.

The judge ordered the U.S. Patent Office to cancel the Teal Bay’s federal trademark registration.

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The Ocean City based Shorebilly Brewinig Company will be changing its name to Backshore Brewing Company.

The decision comes after the company’s owner Danny Robinson faced a trademark infringement lawsuit that could have put his out of business.

Before deciding on a new name he solicited more than 1-thousand possible ideas in a contest to rename his brewing company.

But none would overcome the hurdles of trademark infringement.

Robinson said that he came upon Backshore when researching nautical and geographical terms related to the beach.

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The only brewery on the Ocean City boardwalk has just opened.

It’s the humble Shorebilly Brewing Company.

The brewery is owned by Danny Robinson who told the Salisbury Daily Times that he has every intention of being up there will such well-known names as Thrasher and Phillips.

He began in a work space at 10th Street last year and with his grand opening yesterday started serving up beer year round at the Boardwalk location.