City of Salisbury

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It has been seven years since the Great Recession began. What does the future hold for Salisbury, Maryland in its aftermath?

Guests: Joey Gilkerson and Brad Gillis, advisors with Sperry Van Ness and are also behind the Headquarters Live venue.

Bill Ahtes, longtime businessman.

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Another lawsuit has been filed against Salisbury Police officer and the city of Salisbury.

The suit accused Officer Justin Aita of excessive force, civil assault and false arrest.

The incident occurred on April 9th when the officer was called to a home for a domestic disturbance in which a 17 year old was slapped by a Roger Street resident and then called his mother.

The suit alleges that four people including the young man’s older brother, mother and aunt were slammed to the ground.

John Pick has been a regular fixture at Salisbury City Council meeting for the last 18 years as City Administrator.

But, at the age 62 he announced that is leaving his Eastern Shore job effective June 28th for the city manager position in Northglenn, Colorado.

Financially, it is a step up from his current pay of $96-thousand to $133-thousand.

Pick said that he was moving to be closer to his sons to assume broader responsibilities and to take advantage of the retirement benefits from the city that he has earned over the years.

Salisbury City Council District 1 election


Shanie Shields

Cynthia Polk

Note: Candidate April Jackson was unable to attend our taping. We hope to heave her on at a future date.

Salisbury City Council District 2 Race

Guests: Jake Day, candidate for City Council, District 2,

Debbie Campbell, current Salisbury City Council Vice President.

In what could be a pivotal election, on April 2 Salisbury voters will go the polls to choose the next mayor.  Incumbent Jim Ireton and challenger Joe Albero discuss their vision of the city's future.