Angela Byrd

Come May 1st smoking a cigarette – even an electronic one – will be banned on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

In addition, the resort will restrict smoking to designated areas on the beach.

Council member Matthew James called this a healthy decision for the town.

He said that the new law accommodates smoking and non-smoking visitors to the resort.

James noted that there is even a place on the beach for everyone…for those who want to light up while allowing non-smokers to enjoy themselves.

Don Rush

BALTIMORE (AP) - A Maryland health group says it has support from 200 candidates for the Maryland General Assembly to increase the state's tobacco tax by $1 a pack.

The Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative released a list of candidates in support of the increase on Wednesday.

The group wants to direct the additional revenue to reduce teen smoking and fund health care programs.

The list includes support from 20 incumbent state senators, and 52 incumbent House members.

Don Rush

DEWEY BEACH, Del. (AP) - Dewey Beach is starting to enforce a new beach smoking ban, but town lifeguards are taking a soft approach.

The Dewey Beach Patrol says everyone being warned that smoking is prohibited is putting out their cigarettes without an issue. The lifeguards are letting violators off the hook with a warning, instructing them to smoke on the street rather than on the beach.

Dewey Town Manager Marc Appelbaum tells WBOC-TV that smoking ban signs have been ordered and should arrive within the next week.