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There’s been a month’s delay in plans by Allen Harim for a deboning operation in Millsboro.

The company has put forward plans for the former Vlasic pickle plant to turn a 50-thousand square feet of space into a small deboning facility.

The Sussex County Board of Adjustment decided to postpone a decision again yesterday after members of the community expressed their concern about the operation.

WBOC reports that local resident Keith Steck said he was worried about the health impact but added that postponing the vote on the project was the best outcome for the moment.

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MILLSBORO, Del. (AP) - A Delaware poultry farm facing a potential lawsuit over contaminated water says it's not to blame.

Mountaire Farms in Millsboro issued a statement Wednesday that groundwater problems around its plant in Millsboro are not the fault of its processing plant. In the statement, they say 20 percent of drinking-water wells in Sussex County suffer from increased nitrate levels and that the problem predates the plant's existence.

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Crisfield says no to rezoning for the company CleanBay Renewables to buy the Carvel Hall property on Route 413.

City Manager Rick Pollitt told the Salisbury Daily Times that the 3-to-2 vote against zoning amendment was not unexpected.

The paper reports that it was an emotional vote with a larger than normal crowd showing up for the meeting that was moved to the Crisfield High School auditorium.  

The facility would have recycled chicken manure to produce fertilizer and electricity.

The public comments expressed concern about contamination and taxes.

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NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - An animal rights group has released an undercover video that shows Tyson Foods workers abusing and improperly killing chickens at various breeding facilities in Virginia.

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DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delaware officials have approved a request by poultry producer Allen Harim Foods for some $11 million in state loans.

Members of the Water Infrastructure Advisory Council gave their final approval for the loans at a meeting Wednesday, after giving conditional approval at the panel's previous meeting.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control says a letter was sent to the company after the approval and the next step is loan closing.

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Governor Larry Hogan has pulled the controversial phosphorus regulations on farmers.

They will not appear in the next issue of the Maryland Register essentially freezing any attempt to impose the new standards that found strong opposition from the poultry and agricultural industries on the Eastern Shore.

Erin Montgomery, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office, said that Hogan has ordered all agencies to begin a comprehensive review of all pending regulations.

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Before the Somerset County Zoning and Planning Commission yesterday was a battle over chickens.

Dozens of residents and environmental activists showed up to urge the panel to deny any new proposals for large-scale poultry operations.

Dr. Sacoby Wilson from the Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health told the panel that there were serious health risks to the local water supply from chicken farms including pathogens, E. Coli and Salmonella.

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A ruling by the World Trade Organization could open up a growing market for U.S. agriculture that has been blocked for more than seven years.

The WTO has declared that India’s ban on various U.S. products such as poultry meat, eggs and live pigs that was based on bird-flu fears is not backed by scientific evidence.

The Decision has been long sought by Delaware lawmakers and the Mid-Atlantic region.

It is considered a big win for the poultry industry which has been hit by India’s restrictions.

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Last year saw a 23.3% increase in the value of Delaware’s broiler chicken output from $752 million to $927 million even though output increase just slightly to 215.6 million birds.

That was up from 212 million in 2012.

In Maryland broiler production was up by 1.2 million birds reaching 305 million total for last year.

The valued output was $960-million.

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Senator Chris Coons is pushing for a federal crop insurance program for the poultry industry.

The recent farm fill contains an amendment that calls for a report on the feasibility of such a program to insure the poultry industry against business disruptions and a catastrophic event.

The Delaware Democrat believes it would have helped out growers like Allen Family Foods in Sussex County which went bankrupt three years ago.