Carvell Hall

There’s been a lot of talk about the wind farm project in Somerset County these days.

But Windpower Aeronautica, which builds mid-scale turbines no higher than 310 feet, is looking at finding a location for a turbine assembly facility along the East Coast including the Carvel Hall cutlery plant in Crisfield.

In a statement issued by the Massachusetts company it said the region had a good combination of moderate wind speeds and electric costs that make the community wind projects feasible.

The Carvel Hall manufacturing plant is set to become a new mini-business park in Crisfield.

The industrial site consists of 23 acres of land with the plant occupying around 70-thousand square feet.

The Crisfield acquired the land in 2011 when the former property owner gave it to the city.

Bay Associates Environmental Incorporated has been contracted by the town to remove chromium dust from the plant which used to sell tools and cutlery items.

Mayor Percy Purnell WBOC that businesses will be able to move in as early as June.