The Adventist Healthcare facility in Cambridge is shutting its doors.

That means the acute care and residential unit will lay off around 90 employees as of November 30th.

The facility also provides a special education day school for children.

Executive Director Ismael Gama told WBOC that the decision to temporarily de-license the facility is aimed at re-evaluating its relationship with Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury.

Gama said those services at the center will now be available elsewhere in the area.

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) - One person has died and three others have been injured, including two firefighters, after a Cambridge house fire.

Media outlets report that the fire began early Tuesday morning at a home in a Cambridge neighborhood. Firefighters say one person has been killed, and another person is in the hospital after jumping out a window from the second floor of the home.

Two firefighters from the Rescue Fire Company in Cambridge were sent to the hospital with injuries.

The home was destroyed in the fire, and there was minor damage to two next door homes.

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Cambridge has lost its link to the nation’s railway system.  

But the tracks that been deteriorating over the years will no longer see the great trains rumbling through the town.

Dorchester County Council President Ricky Travers told WBOC that the tracks were suddenly shutdown in May.

They were part of the 120 miles that the Maryland Delaware Railroad that used for its route.

The television station reports that the inspection this spring found that the wooden ties were not in good shape and that the ballast underneath was not up to snuff.

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A body was pulled from the Choptank River near Cambridge yesterday morning.

And it may be that of a boater who has been missing since last November.

WBOC reports that the authorities say the body was found near Horn Point and will be sent to the medical examiner’s office for identification.

63-year old Edward Asvick from Easton went missing after his boat mysteriously showed up near Cambridge.

The Department of Natural Resources Police have been searching the Horn Point area since his disappearance.

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Cambridge has gotten its first city manager.

She is Sandra Tripp-Jones who previously held a similar position in Santa Barbara, California.

Her position will be full time and she will be a point person for the Mayor and the City Council.

Carol Ruark, owner of The Wine Bar, told WBOC that she hopes this will streamline governmental operations.

The television station reports that other business owners hope this will help provide a unifying effort to promote the city.

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The U.S Coast Guard and other agencies are now searching the waters of the Choptank River for a 63 year old Easton man whose boat ran aground off Riverpoint Road last night.

WBOC reports that a spokesperson for the Maryland Natural Resources Police said the incident involved a 27-foot cabin cruiser near Cambridge sometime around 7:30 p.m.

The television station reports that the search resumed this morning and covers the area from La Trappe Creek and Tood Point to the mouth of the Choptank.

The man’s identity has not been released.

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) - Officials say a fire has heavily damaged a church rectory in Cambridge.

The State Fire Marshal's Office says the fire was reported Monday morning at St. Mary Refuge of Sinners Catholic Church on Glasgow Street.

Some 60 firefighters battled the blaze. The building was not occupied when the fire broke out and no one was hurt.

The Easton Star-Democrat reports that the fire caused an estimated $350,000 in damage to the rectory.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.

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Maryland’s mosquito eradication efforts begin today with aerial spraying operations in Dorchester, Somerset and Worcester counties.

They will hit flooded woodland and fresh water areas to destroy the larvae.

The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the white aircraft with red and blue strips will fly around 250 feet above the land.

There are around 28-hundred acres of woodland in Dorchester County near Cambridge and another 900 acres of woodland in Somerset County around Dames Quarter and Fairmont.

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CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) - An artificial oyster reef made up of 300 concrete balls has been completed in the Choptank River.

The reef was finished Saturday in the Bill Burton Fishing Pier adjacent to the Fredrick C. Malkus Bridge in Cambridge.    

The two foot-tall igloo-like reef balls were set with baby oysters, or spat, by submerging them in large tanks of Chesapeake Bay water.   

The reef balls were deployed throughout the summer.                                                                                                   

A fourth arson fire has hit the town of Cambridge since late March.

Deputy State Fire Marshals are investigating the multiple fires the last of which occurred on Friday night involving a two-story vacant home on Fairmount Avenue.

The first fire on High Street set on March 20th also involved a two-story single-family home causing $90-thousand worth of damage.

Two other fires were set on March 26th involving a similar type of structure one located on Cross Street and another on Cedar Street.