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One of the country's leading poultry companies, Perdue Farms, announced plans Monday to make both life and death a little easier for its chickens.

The changes are a break with current standard practices in the industry, and animal welfare groups are cheering.

Jim Perdue, chairman of Perdue Farms, says there's a simple motivation behind the new initiative. Consumers, especially millennials, "want to make sure that animals are raised in as caring a way as possible. With the least stress, the least discomfort."

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Nothing Says 'Hip' Like Ancient Wheat

6 hours ago

Forget bold stripes and mule flats — could the next big fad be super-old wheat?

Consumer interest in healthy grains could sow the seeds for some long-forgotten bread wheats to make a comeback, according to an opinion article released Monday in Trends in Plant Science — presumably the Vogue of botany.

Here's what financial advisers are saying about Brexit

9 hours ago
Marketplace staff

The global economic turmoil that followed last week's Brexit has promoted financial advisers to spring into action Monday. Advisers had already been on guard, but the huge market reaction to the surprise "remain" vote meant financial planners had to get emailing. We cleared out our own inboxes and complied their insights for you to peruse.

Sam Beard

Friday’s Brexit shock continues to reverberate at its epicenter – in the U.K. The country, which voted  in a national referendum to leave the European Union, has been engulfed by an extraordinary  financial and political crisis. The government is rudderless with the Prime Minister announcing that he will step down and even the leader of the opposition fighting for his political life.

Kai Ryssdal

In the aftermath of Brexit, there is a whole lot of uncertainty, especially if you run a business based in the UK. Justin Fitzpatrick is the co-founder and COO of an American financial startup called DueDil, based in London.

After Brexit, some investors seek safe havens

9 hours ago
Tracey Samuelson

If you need further proof that the outlook is uncertain for the U.K. after last week’s vote, the rating agencies S&P and Fitch downgraded the country’s debt from its top triple-A rating. The British pound fell to a 31-year low against the dollar. The result has been what’s known as a flight to quality, investors seeking safe havens for their money.

What does Brexit have to do with cheese and whisky?

10 hours ago
Reema Khrais

The United Kingdom’s plans to leave the European Union raise several questions: the nation’s political future, its ability to hold together and the state of globalization – just to name a few.

Another concern? Specialty foods. Dozens of authentic English foods and beverages worth hundreds of millions in revenue are protected by the European Union.

Stilton cheese and Cornish pasties, for example, are among about 70 products protected by the EU based on their region.  

Marketplace for Monday, June 27, 2016

11 hours ago

Following up on Brexit with a look on how the U.K. leaving the EU may impact the American businesses, tech industry and global economy. 

Chipotle wants to reward frequent burrito eaters

12 hours ago
Gigi Douban

Chipotle is starting a new customer loyalty program on Friday, running through summer, in its effort to recover business after food-poisoning outbreaks that sickened hundreds of people. Revenue was down more than 20 percent in the first quarter this year, compared with a year ago, and restaurant sales were down almost 30 percent.

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Last week's vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is raising questions about London's role as a global financial center, which has helped send bank stocks down sharply for a second trading day in a row.

Shares of British banks such as Barclay's and Royal Bank of Scotland are down, but the carnage has spread throughout Europe and beyond, amid a series of earnings downgrades and profit warnings.

The European Union's grand experiment

14 hours ago

On today's show, we'll talk about the shape of the world's markets following Thursday's Brexit vote; how uncertainty may start plaguing the U.K. auto industry; and the future of Europe. 

What are the true costs of Medicaid?

14 hours ago
D Gorenstein

New research raises questions about the cost of expanding Medicaid – the health care program for low-income and disabled Americans.

Some 19 states have yet to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act – often thanks to concerns about the sticker price.

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With the recent "Brexit" vote causing turmoil in the world's markets, Britain's finance minister George Osborne is trying to calm U.K. citizens. 

His efforts to stop people from panicking contrast with his rhetoric prior to the referendum. Osborne warned that a vote for Brexit would lead to a cataclysm, causing him to introduce an emergency budget, hike taxes and make spending cuts. 

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This story is part of "The View From," an election-year project focused on how voters' needs of government are shaped by where they live. The series started in Illinois, visited Appalachia, and this week, NPR took a road trip across two Northeastern states.

'Brexit': Global Economic Aftershocks

Jun 26, 2016
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Imagine being able to text your favorite music artists at their personal phone number. You might be able to tell them how much you loved their latest single. You might be able to tell them about yourself and later receive a happy birthday wish from them.

This is exactly what Grammy-nominated rapper and singer Ryan Leslie is doing with his company, SuperPhone. The app lets him manage conversations with 54,000 of his friends, family, fans and colleagues from his personal phone.

Twelve years ago, I tried to drive a stake into the heart of the personality-testing industry. Personality tests are neither valid nor reliable, I argued, and we should stop using them — especially for making decisions that affect the course of people's lives, like workplace hiring and promotion.

The hidden fallout of Brexit

Jun 24, 2016
Andy Uhler

Wall Street's head is still spinning from the Brexit, but the fallout is short-term. We spoke with experts who said U.K.'s split from the European Union will have us talking about what this means for businesses and the global economy for the next decade.

Fiona Hill, director of the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution

This much is certain: Friday was a lousy day to be a saver.

Thanks to United Kingdom voters who decided Thursday to exit the European Union, stock prices plunged all over the world.

Analysts said the so-called Brexit generated massive "uncertainty" that killed the appetite for stocks. No one knows what happens next as the entire U.K. — including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — pulls away from the EU.

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