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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Broiler chickens and soybeans are Virginia's biggest agricultural products.

The most recent Census of Agriculture, for 2012, shows broiler chickens topped commodity sales that year. Growers sold about $638 million worth of broiler hens. Soybeans were the top crop with more than $300 million in sales.

Total agricultural product sales exceeded $3.7 billion.

The census also shows there are more than 46,000 farms in Virginia, covering more than 8.3 million acres.

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Last year saw a 23.3% increase in the value of Delaware’s broiler chicken output from $752 million to $927 million even though output increase just slightly to 215.6 million birds.

That was up from 212 million in 2012.

In Maryland broiler production was up by 1.2 million birds reaching 305 million total for last year.

The valued output was $960-million.

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The Delaware congressional delegation praised the decision by the World Trade Organization decision that Chinese poultry barriers are unfair.

American poultry farmers complained that China’s decision to impose higher duties on chicken broiler products was unjustified under international trade laws.

The imposition of the duties was followed by an 80 percent drop in American exports to China.