the bricks

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The Salisbury city council remained split on whether to give pay raises to council members and the Mayor.

During last night's council meeting, Council member Tim Spies said he felt being on the council should be considered a public service and that he would vote against the raise. 

Council President Jake Day said felt similar qualms about taking such an increase in the stipend calling his felling "icky".

He said believes the council members do their jobs out of love and dedication to the city.

Don Rush

The City of Salisbury is looking at the controversial structure known as The Bricks in the Church Street neighborhood.

There has been evidence of mold lead paint and asbestos in the building.

And the city is considering spending 24-hundred on an environmental study of the structure.

This would allow a potential buyer to know what has to be done to the building.

The city will vote on funding in the next several weeks.



Still no word from Homes for America over whether the City of Salisbury owes any money for $106-thousand in out-of-pocket expenses in the effort to revitalize the project known as The Bricks in the Church Street neighborhood.

City Attorney Mark Tilghman sent out a letter April 16th telling the organization that the town was not responsible after the Salisbury City Council pulled out of a plan to secure a $75-thousand grant that would have provided $1.4 million from the Department of Housing and Community Development for the project.